Mini-moon anyone?

Were getting married abroad on 1 October 2013, were having two weeks away for the wedding but because all of our family and friends will be out there at the same time as us i'd love just us the two of us to have a few nights away somewhere when we get back,

Has anyone been on a mini-moon & can recommend somewhere,

UK or abroad?



  • CLLCLL Posts: 6

    We are planning to do the same. We are getting married in Rhodes in June. We hope that we can afford to go away for a week in October/November without our family for an almost 'second honeymoon'. We were either planning a last minute booking to Sharm-el-Sheik, Egypt or long weekend away, abroad or home. 

    The weather should be good in Egypt & an all inclusive hotel, pretty much covers your costs in the price of the holiday, hopefully anyway. It will need to be low cost!! 


  • zantebride5zantebride5 Posts: 23

    Sounds like a good plan. I think Egypt is a good price considering most hotels offer all inslusive and its hot all year round. 

    Im thinking two nights somewhere in the uk and save up and maybe have a week away for our first anniversary.  Unless theres a lottery win on its way image

  • RedfiRedfi Posts: 103

    We are getting married on 5th october 2013 and are having a 5 day Mini Moon in a luxary B&B in the UK straight afterwards then we are saving up for a mega-moon (safari and beach for 2 weeks) about 6-8 months after the weeding image

  • CLLCLL Posts: 6

    Wow! Safari sounds amazing! it's on our wish list of dream holidays! Hopefully one day we will get there!

    Fortunately h2b works for a travel company. He is able to get a staff discount, to a certain degree so it does keep the costs down a little when considering where to go on our mini moon.

    Happy planning to you both - i love planning holidays! image

  • zantebride5zantebride5 Posts: 23

    wow redfi your plans sound amazing,

    I definatly think a mini-moon after the wedding then a honeymoon/holiday a few months later is the way forward, gives you more to look forward to & more time away with your new hubby. Eeek.

    Definatly going to look at somewhere in UK for when we get back, then save for something special next year. imageimage

    Aw lucky you CLL, your hubby should be able to have a good search and find a fab deal for you both!! I love holiday planning too, its exciting, makes all the hard work worthwhile image

    Have a great holiday....and wedding!! xx

  • RedfiRedfi Posts: 103

    Hi Zantebride5 ... that was the other reason for the big honeymoon a few months after the wedding, it means there is something else to look forward to image It also gives us more time to save up and we are going to ask IF people want to give gifts to donate to our safari fund (using trailfinders gift list thing). 

    Lucky you CLL - that is very handy! 

    All very exciting! 

  • CLLCLL Posts: 6

    Yes indeed!

    good luck both....wherever we are all going we have 2 holidays to look forward to and a wedding to plan as well!

    happy planning!! image

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