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Feet swelling in the heat

Has anyone bought their wedding shoes one size bigger for wedding abroad due to feet swelling in the heat?


  • suzc_81suzc_81 Posts: 93
    OOh never thought about that. Handy tip though thanks

    What does everyone else think?
  • jobabyukjobabyuk Posts: 366
    i think it depends on whether your feet normally swell when you go away really, mine don't so i'm ok,

    Jo x
  • jomarch50jomarch50 Posts: 630
    I haven't bought my shoes in a bigger size and I'm getting married in Bangkok and will be 6 1/2 months pregnant... My shoes are made from very soft leather which will give if they need to!

    If your feet do swell try the Tisserand foot cream - its the most cooling one I've ever used! Not at all greasy and smells divine... worth tracking it down as its not that easy to find.


  • suzc_81suzc_81 Posts: 93
    Thanks for the tip Jo, will look for that!

    When are you getting married? I love Bangkok. That's where I got engaged. Are you going somewhere else for honeymoon/civil ceremony?

    Good luck with the pregnancy.


  • jomarch50jomarch50 Posts: 630
    Hi there

    Glad you like the tip - I've tried dozens of foot creams over the years and the Tisserand one is the best I've come across!

    I actually live in Bangkok and we did the legal/civil ceremony here last week so my new visa could be in my new passport (which will be in my married name once the Embassy issue it for me). Our proper wedding day is on 12th August (just 31 days time). We're having a full on Church wedding at Holy Rosary Church which is on the river followed by a formal meal at an amazing restaurant and a massive party at a new hotel.

    For our honeymoon we're spending about 5 days in Phuket and then, hopefully, 5 days in Vietnam. All of this is if my doctor agrees its OK for us to go (although I'm sure there won't be any problems as I'll still be OK to fly). We haven't booked anything but this isn't a problem as its low season in Asia at the moment.

    Where in Bangkok did you get engaged??


  • LittleboboukLittlebobouk Posts: 5,369
    Epppp 31 days miss JO JO how excited !!

    Lordy my shoes just fit me never thought about swelling ..will have to keep them in ice a few hours before hand lol
  • suzc_81suzc_81 Posts: 93
    We were on the last leg of a two week holiday from Koh Samui and Koh Phangan.

    We had spoken about getting married and while we were shopping in Siam Square which was were we found "the ring"

    We are planning to go back again in 2009 because we both loved it!!

    So jealous of you getting to live there!!
  • jomarch50jomarch50 Posts: 630
    Hi there

    Yes, I am a lucky lady being able to live out here! If we go away for the weekend its normally to a lovely beach that we'd only be able to dream of in the UK...

    As for the wedding - yes, I am excited. And slightly nervous as I'm still not 100% sure the Thai's understand exactly what we want... Oh, well - Mai Ben Rai (nevermind) as they say here! You can't be a perfectionist bridezilla and live in Thailand!!

    I'm not nervous about the ceremony though as we're already legally married and its too late now for either of us to back out without lawyers image


  • I haven't no, but I don't usually have problems with swelling as such so fingers crossed!

    I can always go barefoot if they do I suppose!

    x cb x
  • I'm one of the unlucky ones who feet & ankles swell up on the plane & also in heat... wearing flight socks again this year as they helped to reduce the amount of swelling last year, also plan to keep my feet up the entire time before wedding! With this in mind I did buy my shoes a size larger (also had socks on) to ensure feet wil fit in shoes.....back up plan is a pair of white flip flops (just married on bottom).
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