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Getting married in Portugal

Hi everyone just got engaged and looking to get married in the Algarve next year. Have been on holidays there before and planning to arrange something around Tavira. We both work in Switzerland but planning on marrying in the sun. Has anyone of you organized a wedding around there without a planner or do you think I need one? All help and opinions are very welcome.image                  


  • PJBridePJBride Posts: 24

    I'm getting married in Albufeira in 2 weeks and my wedding planner are the girls from Algarve Weddinng Planners.  They have been absolutely brilliant.  I think I would have found it hard to organise everything myself as I don't speak Portuguese.  They were definitely worth the money.  Having said I have seen girls on here that have done it themselves so it is doable.  Good luck with you planning xxx

  • Yep you might need a wedding planner if you’re unknown to the algarve, we are with the girls of Sonho a Dois Algarve Weddings and they have been brilliant all the way through. couldn’t agree more with PJbride as there are girls on here that have organized everything themselves, nowadays you can find loads of info on the internet, nevertheless it’s up to you in the end to decide what suits you best…good luck with your planning and hope all works well for you x image

  • bridie73bridie73 Posts: 34

    Hi Kimmiechap congrats on your wed plans. to my opinion better you contact a local wedding planner they know the venues and suppliers well and can easily help you organize your wedding. We have booked a wedding planner called Rebecca from she has been fantastic so far you can always give her a buzz for advice. All the best x x

  • KimmiechapKimmiechap Posts: 2

    Hi girls, thank you all for your help, I've contacted wedding planners this morning and two were very quick to respond. We also have our hearts set on Double cocktail for our wedding music as they come so highly recommended by brides on here and in other forums. we will have a think about to make a choice amongst them. Does anyone of you know if their fees vary a lot? As they all seem to offer the same venues we will go with the most affordable and easiest to work with image

  • LeaBLeaB Posts: 1,706

    Hi Kimmy I agree above regarding using a planner makes things a bit easier especially the liasing with suppliers if you don't speak the lingo. They have great knowledge of the local area and suppliers available. I would say that looking at a few planners before booking my venue - the fee's do vary amongst planners. At the beginning of our wedding planning we had spoken to Sonho a Dois who were very knowledgeable and couldn't do enough for us. They were fantastic, however the venue we fell in love with had their own planners so we had to go with the. We couldn't thank Sonho a Dois enough and they were really understanding x

  • RinaGeeRinaGee Posts: 751

    We went with Sonho a Dois, for the simple reason that they were the first people we contacted and they were beyond helpful.

    Yes, they are slightly more expensive than some other planners but Carla picked us up from our hotel, took us to 6 hotels, was so knowledgeable and helpful, then dropped us right back to our hotel 8 hours later after finding us the perfect venue that we'd never even considered looking at!

    It's just so so so much easier doing things through a planner, I'd 100% recommend it

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