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How long will you be out there beforehand?

Hello destination brides

Just wondering how long before the wedding you're all going out there?

We get married on the Friday and we're travelling out the Saturday before, so we get a good 6 days of sunshine and tanning before the wedding - I can't wait!!


  • kez79kez79 Posts: 114

    Hi we are the same as you, can get a nice tan then x

  • We get married on the fourth day (although cheating on the sunbed before I go!)

  • PopsyxxPopsyxx Posts: 1,009

    We haven't booked anything yet but I want to get married as soon as poss so I don't have to worry about tan lines!!xx

  • Debs270613Debs270613 Posts: 225

    Like Barbados we have four days. Get there Sunday, marry on thurs. I too will be cheating with a bit of sunbed action due to the very fair nature off my skin! 33days to go!

  • MrsT13MrsT13 Posts: 285

    We arrive Wednesday night and get married the following Wednesday, we're fitting a lot into that week too : ) xx

  • MrsH2013MrsH2013 Posts: 842

    Ah we fly out 1st June and get married the 6th so it's a nice build up! x

  • We get there on 27th July and marry on 5th August so plenty of time to catch a tan. Hehe image


  • mrshughes2013mrshughes2013 Posts: 2,063 New bride

    10 days beforehand 

    fly out 20th and get married 30th

  • gill1980gill1980 Posts: 44

    About 2 days before I think (not booked yet, but that's our plan).

    In NYC you have to go and do the paperwork to get the marriage licence and then leave it a minimum of 24 hours before the wedding. We're keen to do it asap and then be in honeymoon mode.

  • Mbfgw2014Mbfgw2014 Posts: 27

    Were going 5 days before arrive on a saturday and were getting married on the following Thursday.

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