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We are thinking of getting married abroad however have no idea where to start? We have narrowed it down to 3 destinations.    Seychelles, Orlando and Cyprus.


Were not sure whehter we should book a package holiday and then go with a wedding planner seperately to book wedding or whether to book everything through travel agents.


We are paying for us and our daguhter, and our witnesses and their son with a limited budget of 6k and so far looking online were going to be WAY over.


Any suggestions welcome x


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    with your budget i think cyprusmight be most achievable. Travel agents can offer great valuefor money but then your tied into the package...so make sure you like what they offer. local planners will give you a much more personalised service but yourlikly to pay more for that. If you book up sep you could maybe find a nice villa youcould all stay in? might be more cost effective?  Have you checked marriages in cyprus are legal in the uk? We didnt lookat greece/greek islands but uve read on here some oonly offer blessings x

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    We are going to book through Thomas cook and we think we will be able to do EVERYTHING under £8000 and that's with a party when we get back. My friend is going abroad and is looking at using a wedding coordinator and got quoted €7000 just for her, the venues and meals. Then you have to add outfits, the actually holiday, and other things  on top of that! 


    Malb2b13 is right though you probably get things more personal, but I am more then happy with the package that we can be offered through Thomas cook. Xxx

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    Popsy, Where and when are you getting married? We have just started looking at locations and they all seem super expensive image we want to find a nice location without breaking the bank xx

  • When we were looking, it became apparent that wedding planners (independent) are generally much more expensive than a tour operator doing it for you. I used to live in Portugal and originally started there but planners were upwards of £1k plus all the legal costs for paperwork etc.  which can soon add up (especially if it needs notarising or translating) on top of a holiday.

    So, we started looking at tour operator packages...I have not been able to fault the weddings team at Virgin  they have taken care of everything and I have heard great things about Kuoni too.

    We're getting married in Barbados (just the two of us) and including the wedding (basic package at £599) and holiday it will be about £4k (factoring in photography and other bits and bobs we'll get over there).

    On balance, I found that a wedding planner will be able to do what you want wherever you want at a price (and finding a good one can be hard! I found lots of not so good ones in Portugal), tour operator will be guaranteed to do the job, but may be limited as to where you get married (eg the hotel) and what they will do for you (I was only able to arrange the basic thru Virgin, the rest like hair and photos I have done through the hotel direct). I have also found that package hotels offering this service are well versed in the process (ones I have enquired about often answer your questions before you have asked them!).

    I agree with the above, definitely worth checking if its legal (some carribbean islands for example aren't - tour operators will be able to offer advice on this).

    Cyprus is expensive generally for holidays (been there twice!) and depending on season, I bet you could get a better deal further afield (another reason we decided to go long-haul - not really much more than Greece or Portugal would have been using a pla nner). But depending on what sort of accomodation you want, a villa (on a resort) would be a bettwe value option for your group booking (if you book through an agent they should still be able to do the wedding for you).

    Lots of ladies on here have used First Choice or Thompson (although they don;t do as many destinations for weddings as they used to).

    Hope that's helped...Happy Planning!

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    We are getting married in Cuba but  not until may 2015...the holiday, wedding package, hair, evening meal and flowers etc should be under £5000...we may be going over £8000 now but only because of the the after party!xxx

  • Hi Lyndsay,

    Have you considered Crete for your wedding? We are a family run company based in the West of Crete but organise weddings in the Rethymno and Heraklion areas as well. Elizabeth is English and has lived in Crete for almost 30 years and I'm her half Greek/half English daughter. We offer bespoke weddings as we don't believe in package deals when it comes to one of the most important days of your life. And I can assure you marriages in Crete are legal in the UK. Check out our website or have a look at our facebook page :




  • Hi, I'm partway through booking our wedding in zante and have found it really affordable and I have a tiny budget!  It's costing us just over 2k for the holiday (which we were going on anyway) and have booked the wedding planner and her packages start from around 1000euros ,my budget is going to be no more than 1500euros but that's not including my dress, bridesmaids etc. Just a case of looking around but it's is achievable image

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