Okay advice needed for those getting married abroad and having a party back home! 

What sort of invites are people sending out? And they keeping a theme going on once they are back home? What to put in the invitations and what so we do about gifts/money.

people's thoughts would be much appreciated.


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    We are sticking with the boarding card invites that we sent out for the actual wedding. But the wording for the Party will be:

    The wedding is over

    We’ve said our I do’s

    **** and ****** *******

    Are now back home

    And want to celebrate with you!


    Let’s celebrate our marriage

    And have time for a chat

    At our After Wedding Party

    What’s more fun than that?


    Going to use the same colours and theme as the actual wedding, but centrepieces will just be balloons.

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    Your wording is good and catchy, I did think about boarding cards, also Barbados2013 is doing a message in a bottle which is a really good idea too.

    I will need to get my thinking cap on now.

  • Hi Asher hows the planning going? I have used some really informal wording saying ' We would like you to join us for an evening celebration following our weddin in Barbados' The website we have is called Hitchedinbarbados and the message in a bottle fefinitely keeps the theme going. I have had some lovely comments from guests about the invitations saying that they really feel involved even though they arent coming to the actual wedding. I guess it all depends on the type of party. Ours is informal and in a nice bar so our invitations suit that but probably wouldnt go so well with a traditional evening reception at a wedding venue or hotrl with formalities.  

  • Ps Love the boarding card idea!image

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    We had passports for the overseas invite and boarding cards for the uk night do. People seem to love them. I also liked the air mail post code ones and luggage tags. 

    We just said yiu're invited for evening celebration of 

  • LeaBLeaB Posts: 1,706

    thanks... I am sure I found it on google! lol! feel free to use it x

  • I might use the boarding cards or luggage tag idea for drinks vouchers for close family and friends (just didn't want a free bar and vouchers will control that!)

    The bar currently operates a'PIN' number for this purpose but I don;t think that is very secure, anyone could overhear it and start using it and we wouldn't know until the end of the night.

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    Hi Barbados, 

    planning is going slowly, I havdeposits the deposit  on our holiday and virgin of called today to confirm which day we want to get married, I am glad they called as they thought I had said 1st April! Chosen 2nd or 3rd April with a 5ish ceremony.  

    Tomorrow I am calling hotel to confirm we would like to go ahead with our evening wedding party.

    i have seen a dress I like

    so I am getting there, just want to get wedding venue booked and a dress sorted.

    what do you think to the dress? I get on the short side, so didn't want to go for anything to big.


  • Wow sounds like you are well on top of it.

    I LOVE the dress, its beautiful. ..image Has it got a corset back? Its also worth checking what it is made of, my mum (bless her she does have some good ideas) told me to go for silk and avoid man-made fibres and she is right.

    I didn't want anything big either. Have you decided if you're getting married on the beach or the grounds?

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    Thank you, the dress is chiffon, lined and as a zip back, I will send the full details, just not sure about ordering online image

    the hotel does weddings in the gazebo in the gardens followed by pictures on the beach at sunset x

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    Here is the link to the dress up like, plus I don't really want to pay a fortune for just one day

  • I know what you mean... I got mine from Monsoon in the sale. They do seem legit though, I suppose if you order and don;t like it you can always send back. I looked online but was reluctant to order as I wanted to see and feel the quality too.


    Wedding sounds good! You can't beat those sunset shots! image

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    barbados2013 that's why I am also reluctant to buy online as I want to feel the quality and try on, bridal shops over here are expensive. Dresses are from £500.00 upwards, n certainly not paying that.  How long are ou going to Barbados for? You did tell me but I can't remember image

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