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PopsyxxPopsyxx Posts: 1,009

how much are you spending on a party back home? Originally we were just going to hire our local cricket club (about £200) then get someone to do food as we will have family coming from quite a distance away so will want feeding! Have been looking at prices for a variety of options for caterers...the cheapest we seem to have found is just over £1000. 


But then after doing some research I have seen a hotel near us offering wedding receptions for 70 people then 100 in the evening for just under £3000... so I keep thinking well is it worth paying a extra grand then what we wanted to originally to celebrate again and have people who can't make the actually wedding abroad there. Have a two course meal during the day and then a boogie in the evening with a buffet! But then I keep thinking it's pretty much the same price as our actual wedding abroad! Arghh I just don't no what to do! 

yours thoughts would be greatly appreciated!!xxx


  • Mbfgw2014Mbfgw2014 Posts: 27

    Were keeping our back home simple. Were looking at hiring a hall which we hope to get for around £150 ish. Why dont you look at a hog roast you could get one with accompaniments for £300 ish?

  • LeaBLeaB Posts: 1,706

    I've got a room for £30 hire at a rugby club, caterers are £4.95 per head and dj is £150 so should be under £500 x 

  • Mine will be around £1,500 for 100 people including room hire, food and some drinks for close family.

    I found that room hire when doing your own catering was extortionate!

    Hog roast is an economical way of doing it. If you're midlands based, Maxine's Pizzas is also very economical. She comes with a wood fired oven and makes them there. (sadly my do is in November ;-(  and just couldn;t take a chance with weather!)

  • PopsyxxPopsyxx Posts: 1,009

    Hog roast was the cheapest at £10 a head!xxx

  • AsherAsher Posts: 92

    I am doing a party in one of the local hotels, £280.00 to hire the room and £11.00 per person for the Buffet. I personally wouldn't go to mad (cost wise) on party back home as that is the whole point off going away to get married as it's cheaper.  

    l would go for a hog roast, if I were getting married in the warmer months I'd have a tea party or hog roast.


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