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Freebies from Thomson

Hi all, 

we booked our wedding a year ago with Thomson and when we booked we got a flier through with all our documents saying that off we reached certain numbers of guests travelling via thomson we would get certain things for free.  The first milestone was 12-25 guests and you'd get champagne and chocolates.  We have 30 guests in total but only 11 are travelling via Thomson Meaning we'd just missed out.  I've just seen in their latest brochure that the milestones are now 8-10 guests, 11-15 guests, we would fall under the 11-15 guests meaning we'd get champagne and chocs, a free wedding dress travel box and VIP lounge airport access.  Do you think they'd apply this only to new bookings or to old bookings too? I hope so as that's quite a few freebies there! 



  • maggi68maggi68 Posts: 166

    Generally it would only apply to new bookings but I think you can only ask the question. I would just give them a call and see what they say,be polite but  firm and I am sure they will offer you at least something.

  • oh2bmrsjoh2bmrsj Posts: 569

    phone them and ask you have nothing to loose x


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