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hi to all you newbe brides has anyone out there got married in santorini ??? im having my reception at sunset beach bar and would like some advice on weather i need to decorate the bar more than thay do and is the bbq nice or do i need to add to the food menu i have 22 guests ??


  • I got married there last thursday, it is amazing!!! So beautiful! The food is fab, you'll have a fantastic time!!! Xxxx

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    Hi there, I get married there next thurs and have the Greek BBQ booked and no extra decorations planned so I will be happy to report back on my return.

    im not on here all the time so might need prodding/reminding image x

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    Hi 2bMrsC,

    congratulations to you both and i bet your very excited image

    Thank you for your reponse to the msg, can i ask you if you do have to be in santorini 7 days clear before you get married? As this is what i thought we have to do.

    I'm sure you must be very busy and would like to just asked you a couple of questions.

    Can i ask where you and your guests are going to be staying (what town)?

    Also have you gone throught a wedding planner to arrange your wedding?

    Well good luck with the wedding and look forward to hearing from you after the wedding too with more info.image

    kind regards


  • You dont have to be there a certain number of days before in Santorini. I know your reply werent to me but ill give you some answers.

    we used Ionian weddings, Liz was our planner in Santorini she was amazing, made everything so much easier.! 

    We stayed in Kamari as its on the sea front, flat and theres things for everyone.

     Oia and Fira are stunning, more pricey and hilly as there on the cliffs. Not a beach area either, amazing views though. Perissa is like Kamari only alot smaller and quieter, depends what you want though. 


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    o thankyou so much again for your reply i thought you had to be out there 7 days before god knows what else iv got wrong image im glad you have told me now before i have booked hol, im useing the same wedding planner well company i have andreas over here not sure who in greese /i to was thinking kamari so thats where ill def go for iv never been to santorini just herd how romantic and lovley the sunsets are so i was sold when i looked at   

    the venues on the site ,where did youhave the ceremony?  im hopeing the 20 ppl  i have will fill the reception without looking to quiet i also have the dj ,do you have any tips for me to bear in mind ?? many thanks lola 

  • They use Liz over there, she is amazing! So helpful!.....

    our wedding venue was St Irene, it was stunning. Quite intimate with a stunning view over the caldera.

    the reception was amazing, it wont be empty trust me. Its nicer having a smaller group.


    no theres no restriction on time but we were there for a week before, time to meet the planner as she shows you around, and time to top up on your tan lol xxxx

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    othankyou so much so glad iv found a couple of wives that have already tied the knot lol now ill try and sort accomadation out , o by the way did you book your flights seperate with easyjet or do package deal? theres prob loads more i would like to ask you but im sure your just glad to be home and be someones  mrs now lol lolaimage

  • Hi,

    I dont mind, ask away, always nice to be able to talk to someone who has been there and everything.  I booked a package holiday with Thompsons for 2 weeks at the Kamari beach hotel.  Its abit weird over there because they only fly mainly on tuesday but i think you can get UK flights on fridays or saturdays aswell, otherwise alot of english people were having to get the ferry to crete and then fly from there.  Most of the holiday packages are Tuesday to Tuesday.  xx xx

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    yes i was looking at  a package deal myself  so think thats the route i will go down , do you have any tips for me ? did you have the dj? if so was he good and do you know if he uses cd as i was going to bring my first dance song with me, did thay arange tables with a head table for bride/groom and mum/dad or do we do that ourselfs, was the venue deckorated enough or do you maby need to add balloons and a few things , how did you and your guests got home from the reception/ im looking at sides called light in the box,jjhouse at wedding dresses there very cheap and you have to get the custom made so no return if your not happy do you know or have you herd ov these sites?? think i have asked enough questions in this message


    look forward to hearing from you again

    kind regards lola

  • Yeah we had a dj he was good, you can give him a cd,  we did this, you can make your own playlist on cds for him if there are any particular songs you want. They do decorate however i took scatter crystals and tea lights with me which they put on the tablesfor Me. Its such a stunning location you dont need much decoration. Our wedding planner arranged a coach to take our guests from hotel to st irene, then to theros and back again. I can upload some pics of the tables decorated etc...  You can tell them exactly how you want the tables laid out. There very good at Theros.

    We booked through tompsons and stayed in Kamari. 

    Yeah ive heard of light in the box before, someone i know got bridesmaids dresses from there, they were really nice. Xxx

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    o thankyou thats great thay take you,guests home as well brill, i have the package deal so think its going to be worth it image im new to this site and was brousing today and read what you put on here after your wedding im not at the same reception as you was but im sureit will be just as lovely i bet you wish you still had all the organising to do i must say im loving it it fills every spaire moment ov time i haveup image im laready worried about what i will do with my w,ends after i am married maby plan a divorce!! only kidding image 

    meny thanks lola

  • Are you not at the sunset beach bar?? Thats Theros. Its actually called Theros sunset beach bar? Xxx

  • image







    Is the same venue?? I have put some pics of my tables xxx 

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    hi again sorry yes its the same place where we are having reception and creomony so glad i found you your pice are lovley and nice colours i bet thay looked great in the sunset image 

    thanks lola

  • Thanks image I think it helps to be able to talk to someone who has had the same venue etc... yeah i think the bright colours went to well and everyone has commented on them so far... i think the girls dresses really stood out which is what i wanted!.. Sucks that its all over now! image xxxx

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