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Just back from our Portugal wedding

Hi everyone,

Just a quick one to say that we are back from our wedding in Portugal.

We got married on Friday at the Grande Real Santa Eulalia. It honestly was the best day of our lives. We arrived on the Sunday and everyday and night up to the wedding was one big party. We had 83 guests and most of them arrived within a day or 2 of us.

We had the Algarve Wedding Planners with us and Karina was a super star from start to finish. Angela at the GRSE was also a dream to have with us.

The whole day went smoothly from start to finish. We got married at 4.30 and we got to bed around 3.30am. The weather was amazing (we were so lucky as the week before had been not so good).

Anyone who has booked their wedding for either Portugal or the GRSE have done the right thing. Its the most perfect place for a wedding. The planners were honestly the best we could have hoped for.

If anyone has any questions, just shout and I will try my best to answer!

Amy x



  • cherrydropcherrydrop Posts: 904

    Aw congrats Hun! I'm glad you had such an amazing time!

  • LeaBLeaB Posts: 1,706

    aw congratulations?! how was the weather?! Can't wait for pictures! x

  • amyh81amyh81 Posts: 109

    The weather was fabulous! It was hot and my dress wasn't a destination dress but I managed ok. The only thing that was hot was my thighs!

    My friend did my hair and Karina arranged for Rui to do our make up. He did the most amazing job ever. My make up still looked as good at 3am as it did at 3pm when he first did it.

    If anyone still needs a make up artist I would recommend him 1000 times over.

  • Hi Amy congratulations! it sounds like you had a great day i am looking into the Algarve for my wedding too however we will not be using your wedding planner as they refuse to cooperate with us in booking the band we would love to have, they told us to choose between them or the band but not both that's weird!! image

    Can any of you girls recommend another planner that is more open minded to let us choose the suppliers we want? We don’t think they are the ones to tell us who we’re supposed to book for our wedding.  

  • LeaBLeaB Posts: 1,706

    Sonho a Dois. What band are you looking at Pam?


  • amyh81amyh81 Posts: 109

    Thats really strange as we had our own band and nothing was ever said to us. My husband is in a band and they played. The girls tried to source equipment for us and nothing was ever a problem. I can't imagine them being difficult at all.

    Maybe it was a mis-communication?

  • it's double cocktail but the planner informed us they don’t work with them and made us choose between them or the band which we found quite weird after all it shouldn’t be a problem booking any supplier we’re interested on, we checked them online together with other bands and there was no doubt for us these are the guys we want to have at our wedding, is sonho a dois your planner and are they good to deal with plus do they work with double cocktail? I’ve read so many excellent  revues on this band from loads of brides online and this just put me off image

    Hi Amy I also found it weird for your planner to place us on such a difficult position, we’re the ones supposed to pay the bill in the end and not the planner. they should help us and not work against us, I will check the other planner you mention Lea, thanks for the tip image

  • LeaBLeaB Posts: 1,706

    We are having algarve wedding music at our wedding, Sonho a dois aren't our planners but I have loaded with them before I booked my wedding. They do deal with double cocktail thought x 

  • bridie73bridie73 Posts: 34

    We're having Rebecca from she has been fantastic so far and has recommended us double cocktail too so I think you can't go wrong with this planner. All the best x x

  • amyh81amyh81 Posts: 109

    I'm almost certain that the Algarve wedding planners deal with double cocktail. Maybe you should double check?

  • wow girls thanks for the tips I'll contact both planners this evening and wait on their response. that has reassured me image

  • also booked sonho a dois as our planner and they highly recommended double cocktail to us so you are in safe hands regarding the band's choice. Hope all works fine for you in the end, enjoy your planning image 

  • red headred head Posts: 15

    I too had the same issue with Algarve Wedding Planners. I was shocked when they told me they did not work with Double Cocktail. Double Cocktail are brillant and are the perfect band for us. We decided then to contact other wedding planners and we picked Sonho a Dois. Sonho a Dois highly recommend Double Cocktail and I was so delighted. They are great to deal with too. It is your big day and dont be bullied into any decision you dont like.  

  • Hello i m a makeup artist in Algarve, if you need my services i can do a trial, and in the wedding day i offer a makeup to the mum or other person you want.


    [email protected]

  • red head that's outrageous!! image how come this wedding planner doesn't work with dc they are such a fun couple and down to earth we met them in Ireland and they were so helpful on any queries we had and great ppl to deal with can't see any reason why this planner wouldn't wanna book them...I'm happy you went with another company, we booked our wedding in Spain and they will travel from Portugal to perform our wedding there. Also our planner in Spain spoke highly of them when we mentioned we wanted to book dc. Some ppl really have the nerve......image 

  • RinaGeeRinaGee Posts: 751

    Can I second the recommendation for Sonho A Dois?!!! I am working with Carla and, with three months to go until the wedding, I can imagine feeling like my right arm has been chopped off when I don't get to e mail her every other day asking silly questions!

    amyh81 - can you please, please, please do a report or put some pictures up?? I'm dying to see a Portugal wedding!

    Also, how did you find the timings with a 4pm wedding (ours is the same) Did you provide canapes? What time was the meal in the evening?

    I probably have more questions but I won't bombard you with them all now!!

    Oh, and CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • amyh81amyh81 Posts: 109

    Hi Everyone!!

    I'm so sad that its over!! Its such a weird feeling after all this time and all the emails etc and now I have nothing to do!! I can't believe it was only this time last week!

    Rina, where are you getting married? I'm sure I have read it somewhere but I can't remember. I only have our own photos at the min, still waiting for the official ones. If you private message me, I can email you some.

    Our ceremony was 4.30, I was on time but as soon as I got down the aisle I realised I'd forgotton our passports so the best man had to run back and get them which took about 10 mins! After the ceremony we had drinks and canapes (there were loads of both!) and some photos. We went down to the dinner about 6pm and then my dad did his speech and my husband (sound so weird!). Dinner must have started about 6.45pm.

    I thought the timings were perfect, looking back I might have gone for 4pm instead of 4.30pm just so we had a bit extra time for drinks but it was fine as all our guests arrived really early and got the party started at about 3pm.

    Ask as much as you like, while its all fresh in my mind!!

    Amy x

  • red headred head Posts: 15

    Thats fantastic Double Cocktail will travel to  Spain for your wedding. There so talented, such fun, full of energy yet always so professional. Where in Spain are you getting married Bridie Pridie? RinaGee2Be I dont have Carla I have Noélia. She is just like Carla just cant do enough for me all the time!! Both Double Cocktail and Sonho a Dois are great choices image  Oh Amyh81 Congratulations, sounds like you had a dream day. Im always thinking there is something I'm forgetting. I understand how you are so sad its all over now. This wedding is really after taking over for me and I dont know what I will do when its all over!!

  • Wow! I'm really shocked and saddened to hear this. image 

    We got married a couple of years ago and used both AWP and Double Cocktail and we had a fantastic day.

    Obviously something has changed within their working relationship, but let me reassure you that it will NOT be as a result of any wrong doing by Double Cocktail. They are consummate professionals who are fantastic at what they do, they absolutely 'made' our wedding. The music in the chapel and then the cocktail hour, followed by the evening entertainment was all fantastic. And that's not including Steff's services as MC, the cutting of the cake and general interaction with the guests!! The reviews you read about Double Cocktail are all so true - they are brill and well worth hiring.

    I think that's the key thing here, YOU are hiring both your wedding planner and your entertainment. You are the one holding the purse strings and it should be you making the decisions. Guided, obviously, by your chosen planner - but not dictated to. Remember, your wedding planner will be working alongside you throughout the planning of your big day and will also be present on the day itself, but your guests won't necessarily be aware of them. They will, however, be entertained by whoever you choose as your wedding band. And the kind of day/night you and they have will be very much determined by your choice of band. If you really want Double Cocktail then you should have them!! 

    Don't get me wrong, I had absolutely no issues with AWP as my planners and our wedding was fantastic but I really don't agree with them vetoing ANY supplier. And especially not Stefanie and David! 

  • PJBridePJBride Posts: 24

    Hi everyone,

    Just like Amy we have just gotten back from our wedding in Portugal.

    We also got married at the Grande Real Santa Eulalia last Friday.  It was the most amazing day of our lives.  We got to Portugal the Saturday before and had 85 guests and most of them arrived the same day as us or the following day.  Just like Amy, we all went out everynight and by the time the wedding day rolled around everyone knew each other and it was a one massive party.

    We also used the Algarve Wedding Planner and Patricia planned the whole wedding for us.  I can't recommend them enough.  They were absolutely brilliant and took care of every little detail.  The day went without a glitch.  We had amazing weather and GRSE location is stunning.  Our ceremony was at 4pm and we got to bed at 4am!

    I highly recommend Algarve Wedding Planner as they are so professional and helpful and make everything possible.  They were amazing to work with.


    Happy planning to all of you


  • amyh81amyh81 Posts: 109

    It sounds like we had the same day!! Just one week apart and almost the same amount of guests!

    I'm so happy for you that your wedding was a fab as ours! Just goes to show that the planners and the hotel are consistantly good!

    Would love to see a photo or 2!


  • PJBridePJBride Posts: 24





    I'm hoping this will work. 

    Would love to see your phots as well.

  • QuincyQuincy Posts: 2

    God I'm shocked and saddened to read this. Can I just second everything g oldiebridie hAs said. I got married a few yrs ago and used AWP and DC. I found both absolutely amazing, could not fault either of them. If I did it again I would def want double cocktail to play at my wedding. They were amazing. I don't know what has happened there but I'm very surprised. Can't recommend DC enough. 

  • Murty2013Murty2013 Posts: 3

    Hi Ladies,

    i got married in the stunning GRSE in May & had the most amazing day of my life!!! The setting, the people, the weather..

    I would like to stress that none of this would have been possible without Paula & the girls from Algarve Wedding Planners. They were so professional, so knowledgable, so patient. All our our courses commented at one point or another about how amazing they were!!

    We used the band Twin Flames and o my god did they bring the house down. Nicole got everyone up dancing, but was not a bit forceful on our guests. They played a very romantic song while we cut the cake but did not try to impose & made sure the moment was about us & not them.

    All of the suppliers we used were professional and made our day the success it was. For that reason I find it very odd that anyone would choose a wedding planner based on a band. These are the people who advise you on the BEST suppliers for YOUR day. They have obviously been doing their jobs for a very long time and use their experience to advise us brides on suppliers.

    Personally, I wouldn't think twice about AWP & my only regret about my wedding day is that it's over : (

    Happy Planning Ladies, PM me for any details xx

  • Murty2013Murty2013 Posts: 3

    That's meant to say all of our guests!!!! image

  • red headred head Posts: 15

    Sounds like you had an amazing day. I think picking a wedding planner is a personal choice and AWP were just not for me.

    Noélia of Sonho a Dois has been fantastic and just couldnt imagine our wedding without her. She also has wonderful suppliers and a pleasure to work with. We are so glad she was recommended to us.

    Double Cocktail is my band. They are the only full time wedding band in the Algarve. and extremely talented. We can rehearse out first dance with is very important to us!! Im so looking forward to seeing them play again soon.

    Where you confident the weather would be good? I know you can take it for granted because of its location.

    I know I will be like you, so sad when its all over. x

  • QuincyQuincy Posts: 2

    As I said previously i used AWP and DC, both were amazing. I can totally see why brides wud want DC and how this wud dictate what planners they choose. A bmake will make or break a wedding and if couples want DC they should absolutely be able to have them. I don't know what's after happening here but to be honest find it unprofessional for a wedding planner to tell a couple they can't have their choice of band. As I say I found AWP fantastic but wouldn't have has such an amazing wedding without DC. They sang in the church and at the reception.. i have seen them afterwards many times and they r the most hard working talented people I know. They completely make the wedding about the couple and their priorit is the couple and to make sure ththe have the day if their dreams. I can't stress enough how great they r and if I was to do it all again j wouldn't change a thing 

  • Hi future brides,

    good luck with all the plans,I really hope your day turns out every bit as good as ours did.i had to post as we girt married in the algarve almost 2 years ago,our day was like a faiytale  wedding.we used AWP and they were just Amazing,Paula and Karina are such honest and down to earth people,they went out of their way and beyond the call of duty.from day 1 they were on hand 24 hours a day.they are so professional.every last detail of our wedding went like  clockwork.all our guests said it was such a romantic day

  • Just sad it's over would do it all again in a heartbeat;(

    enjoy every minute of the planning and your special day.good luck and enjoy image


  • amyh81amyh81 Posts: 109

    We didn't experience anything like that at all. AWP were perfect from start to finish. Our venue was booked and confirmed when we paid the deposit. Obviously nothing could be confirmed until then.

    I honestly believe that our day would not have been anything like what it was without Karina. She was there when I was getting ready and didn't leave until late at night. We knew we were in good hands.

    we never felt at any point that we were just another customer. Emails were always answered really fast and everything was exactly how we wanted it.


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