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ramble of thoughts….and suggestions pls

Just an update from me  / ramble of thoughts….

 So, after months of looking I have sort of finally narrowed down my search… haha!!! God this wedding malarki is tough.

 Some of you may have seen some posts from me already, I was looking for an abroad wedding WITHOUT ANY clue as to where… I think we may have narrowed it down to Greece (! Still not very ‘narrow’ I know)

The reasons I have picked this is because I was looking for;

-          A place which people of all ages and sized family can enjoy with a variety of things to do and suitable for kids.

-          All Inclusive possibilities

-          Not too far away

-          Fairly cheapish (? I have never been so I am basing all of these on what I have read / heard)

-          I was looking for a place that was very beautiful, green, natural, nature, different – not a typical beach wedding. I would like an outdoor wedding with great scenery, lots of greenery, authentic, unspoilt, not very touristy in an area where I was not one of many brides.

I have not chosen the following for these reasons (again, I have never been so I am basing all of these on what I have read / heard)

Italy – beautiful and romantic, seems lovely but a little more pricey than other areas but not specifically catered for children / all inclusive and fairly expensive when the guests are out there.

Cyprus – I have been and I really liked it but it seemed like more of a desert/burnt type of scenery rather than green (I can’t find the words to describe it) plus it gets very hot and is a little further away

Malta – my other halves family have a house out there (I have never been) but they said they like it as a lovely break if you haven’t been lots, but they do find it a bit boring now.

Algarve / Portugal – simply a no (at the moment) because when contacting some planners about venues and prices it was not very clear on the final costs, everything was broken down separately and I couldn’t quite get an accurate idea of costs. (a silly excuse I know but it was not very easy to understand from the offset if I could find a venue within my budget and I really want this process to be as easy as possible) but I think I will look into this location a bit more before dismissing it completely.

What I have found so far is Ionian weddings have a large variety of venues and it’s easy to establish if its within budget and they can be tailored, but I find the pictures they send over with their enquiries are not very clear and it’s hard to find out about all of their venues because they aren’t all on their website and they do not call the venues by their real names so you can’t even search for them on google to look into them further so I end up seeing a venue on their faceboook I like and then asking for more details (at least a hundred times so far! Haha) and then realise it isn’t really what I was looking for. It’s hard to establish a feel for a venue when you can only see one or two pictures.

So… at the moment I am relying on people’s opinions and recommendations. Some people have recommended Skiathos, kefalonia. But I always end up coming back on here to ask you guys for opinions (& its only the start!)

So I was wondering if people had any of the following;

-recommendations for locations in Greece / Greek islands. What is the difference and what are they like? Do we have a Greece expert here?

- does anyone have a recommendation for a good planner in Algarve / Portugal I can contact that is very clear with packages / clear prices. Id rather a package I can amend (for simplicity reasons really)

Thank you, thank you.


  • Jo35Jo35 Posts: 305


    I was in the same boat as you ,just couldn't decide where to go then I found it ! Cameo island in Zante you can hire the Island ( it's not as pricey as you might think ) it is not touristy , you get married in a small cove , it's just for us , just what we wanted , I've used Alexandra's Dream Weddings and she has been very helpful and answered all my questions ( but she is busy so might take a few days ) and she only does one wedding a day so nothing is rushed.

    Have alook on her website you might get afew more ideas !



  • I dont know about planners but in term of destinations would recommend loking at Rhodes.... just beautiful.... and Sintra in Portugal. Almost got married here myself!  

  • HanbirdHanbird Posts: 40

    Kefalonia is amazing! Nearly got married there my self too xxxx

  •  We are getting married in zante, we went there this year and thought it was beautiful. Yes there are the picturesque beaches but there are also loads and loads of trees lol, so you get the best of both worlds. I thought that the landscape would look dry but it's not. Why don't you go to travel agents and get a Greek brochure,  they give you a breakdown and information about the different islands so maybe that might help you narrow your search further x

  • Aesha2013Aesha2013 Posts: 44

    we're getting married in Crete and are using Ruth at Sun and Snow Weddings.  we also wanted something scenic, by the sea, but not on the beach. 

  • Hi 

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