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Hi allimage,

this has probably been posted no doubt quite a few times but my iPad keeps playing up making browsing a nightmare! My h2b and I have been engaged for 4 years and have finally got down to the task of planning the big day! Portugal is the chosen destination! Date wise is a while away June 2016 is forensic we are aiming for as we will be saving up from scratch really. Looking for a few points in the right direction ladies starting with budget wise, me and h2b were throwing figures about like it was Monopoly money and he has picked out £6000-£7000, me on the other hand im a bt unsure, as this budget would be for the wedding and also 2week hols


  • Ps spell checker has also changed a word into forensic & now I can't even think what word I had put, I'm sure it was along the lines of June 2016 is when we are aiming for. 

  • PopsyxxPopsyxx Posts: 1,009

    Congrats image me and my partner are getting married may 2015 so started saving about two months ago and by Christmas 2014 hope to have £8000. 

    We are getting married in Cuba- so we hope to be able to pay for the actual wedding, dresses, all the extra and a party back home for that. Xxx

  • LeaBLeaB Posts: 1,706

    Hi congratulations. I am getting married in Portugal May 2014, budget wise depending on the type of wedding you want, I think this is achieveable. We are getting Married at Quinta Jacintina and have the hotel exclusively for 1 week and are looking at around 8k for everything, then we are paying 200 euros towards our guests staying in the hotel so + 4k

    Planning Fee - 748

    Civil Ceremony - 840

    Photographer - 1250

    Band - 1150

    BBQ - 75 per head

    Drinks - 22.50 per head

    flowers - 350

    flights - 280pp

    half board accommodation - 345pp

    luckily my parent have bought my dress and my sister is paying for hair and make up.  

    Hope this helps x

  • rivsy1988rivsy1988 Posts: 37

    Just come back from my wedding in the algarve. It total was just over £9000. We had 46 people and had a package in a 5* hotel on the beach so not the cheapest.We used AWP and had Joao's photography and twin flames. It was stunning and the best day of my life.So emotional and our guests said it was the best wedding they had ever been to and one of the best days in their lifes which was a bonusimage Is the best thing we ever did image so if you can afford it, do it you will not regret it image xx

  • EmmaK22EmmaK22 Posts: 68


    I have recently got married in Portugal, 3 weeks ago! We are yet to tot up the final bill as we had a lot of help from family but I do know it was no more than £10,000 but we did go all out and have everything that we could have dreamed of and more. We used AWP (Algarve Wedding Planners) Who were fantastic! All of our guests are still talking about it and a couple of them are actually looking at getting married their themselves now! We had a private venue however, they have lots of venues and options for you to choose from. I would tell anyone thinking of getting married to go abroad, it was amazing image Good luck with your plans! x


    Rivsy1988 - Congratulations! Your day must have been just after ours! image x

  • RinaGeeRinaGee Posts: 751

    2 and a bit months until my wedding and (taking out the cost of the flights and accommodationm, as we would have spent that on a holiday anyway) we're coming in at around £9k, and that's with providing a free bar to all our 55/60 guests.

    Luckily, we're pulling in a lot of favours, our friend is doing photography, some portuguese friends are making our cake and my friend is doing my hair.

    6-7k is a pretty decent amount for a destination wedding, and ours is just coming in a little more because we're providing a free bar

  • Hi ladies thanks for the replies image

    i am definitley thinking of aiming a bit higher than h2b is guessing, after all i inly plan on doing it once so don't want to have any regrets! I think i would most definitley need a planner to keep me in the right direction! Thank you all for your replies imagex definitley just going to start putting a wee bit of extra money away when I gave it, take matters into my own hands lol. Iv officially got wedding brain, hoping to move it forward to 2015 if i get my own way lol xx like the idea of an open bar actually would never of thought of that!x are any of you lovely brides flying out before hand/or have done already to see your venue or are you just wanting it to be a suprise?xx



  • EmmaK22EmmaK22 Posts: 68

    Hi Vivienne,

    We flew out to see our venue first but thats only because my parents have an apartment in Portugal so it was a cheap get away for us but you could just arrange over email if you didnt go over before hand. Our venue looked exactly the same in the photos as it did on our day (apart from the decorations as that is personal prefernce) x

  • LeaBLeaB Posts: 1,706

    Hi Vivienne,

    We flew out to our venue, the hotel offered us 2 free nights which made it affordable and was a great way to see the venue and explore the surrounding x

  • rivsy1988rivsy1988 Posts: 37


    Emma- Yes was last monday ( 1st July) was perfect image

    Defo recommend visiting the venues first. The venue we originally had in mind was nowhere near as nice as what we ended up with image

    In terms of costs, we found there were many ways in which you can cut costs down for your wedding and guests. We went with artificial flowers for bouquets, button holes and even for the ceremony . We managed to save alot with that and no one could tell the difference on the day!

    Our package included lots so didnt have alot of extras to pay out for bar the band and photographer. So look into packages as they can be quite good. We had an open bar pretty much included in our package the way it worked out!

    Also when looking into accomadation, We managed to get a group discount for all our guests. These were amazing apartments/villas on a small resort and in total for a weeks holiday inc flights cost our guests around £250 which i think its good image

    Any questions give me a shout, happy to help image

    Emma xx

  • Thanks ladies for all the replies xx

    I think once we have picked a hotel il try & twist h2b's arm to visit lol x

    My partner knows a few people that do photography at events so depending on quotes il bare them in mind. Looking to save money where i can so iv got more to play with for the budget etc so definitley wil be having a look at artificial flowere thank you for the tip emma image

    really thats good for the acommadation! Definitley will needto do my homework image lol xx

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