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Anyone getting married in Oludeniz Turkey 2013 2014?xx


We've booked our holiday to Oludeniz in Turkey for Sept 2014 but havent booked our wedding package yet - was just wondering if anyone else has any info as it all seems rather confusing!! We want to get married at Blue Lagoon and was going to book the wedding package with Thomas Cook but you didnt seem to get anything really for the £800. Was wondering if im better to book an independent company off the internet that includes everything. Any advice/comments much appreciated!




  • MrsT13MrsT13 Posts: 285

    Hi! We're getting married in oludeniz in September. There seem to be 2 companies that stand out which are oludeniz weddings and the company we are using; Carole and tayfun weddings. 

    I would recommend googling the companies and definitely look on their Facebook pages for real couples, they are all very helpful and willing to answer questions about their wedding and share pictures. 

    Im happy to answer any questions though! I'm very excited so the more I can talk about it the better ha ha xx

  • Angie jAngie j Posts: 448

    Hi mum24. Ive been to Olu Deniz twice,last time was in May when my other half proposed. I think you may be better off booking direct with one of the companies that are along that part of the Lagoon. I cant remember off hand what they are now. But as the other lady suggests Carole & Tayfun do have a very good reputation locally .

    I suggest you look on the Trip advisor Olu deniz forum.  They are really helpful on there & there are always people asking about weddings in the area so you will probably find the info you need, if not join up & ask.  Lovely place to get married. Good luck. 

  • mum24xxmum24xx Posts: 6

    Thank you ladies. Oooh good luck MrsT2b! Please come on and let us know how the wedding goes - bet youre so excited. I have been on most of the company websites but thats a good idea - checking them out on Facebook and will def check the Olu deniz forum on Trip advisor. Thanks again.xx


  • MrsT13MrsT13 Posts: 285

    no problem! Yes very, it's coming round quickly!

    theres a link from Carole tayfuns website to the Facebook page and a few people on there have got married in the last couple of weeks so very up to date pics n info. 

    Goid luck xx

  • Hi! im getting married in Olu Deniz next september, we are getiing married on seahorse beach. im using 'a beach wedding' as my planner and the lady is lovely.

    Im looking into getting my own flowers and photographer as i think it will be cheaper when im out there and ill be buying our rings there too. 

    Does anyone know any florists/photographers in olu deniz that i can look up! x

  • Also i suggest pick and mixing from the packages to make your own.. if you see what i mean image

    Im having bits and bobs from all the packages and will get a price that way.

  • Angie jAngie j Posts: 448

    Hi Kestrelfairy, I dont know of any florists or photographers but I can reccomend a jewellers in Oludeniz.  We had our rings made out there in elegant jewells. On the main strip towards the end on the right hand side as you are walking towards the sea. W found them very helpful, not pushy & seemed to be very honest. I had our rings valued when we got back.  Mine was worth £300 more than I paid for it & my H2b's was worth more than double.

    Would also advise looking on the trip advisor forum for photographers, florists.

    I did find a good hairdresser for fabulous blow drys ( & I am a hairdresser myself) it was on the left  handside towards the sea called (oh god cant remember now!) Will come to me. Pm me if you want to know or anything else. Im presuming you can send private messages on here image  Oh dear I'm warbling on as usual  image

  • MrsburaMrsbura Posts: 125

    I second elegant jewellers ... Also if you stay at club sun city you get money off at the shopimage xxx

  • Angie jAngie j Posts: 448

    Ooh, that's good isnt it! Bonus image 

  • thankyou angie! i think i will need help with things so i appriciate you letting me know about the jewellers. I will have a look on trip adviser image

  • BurackBurack Posts: 4


    Hi I am a wedding photographer based in Manchester. I also work in Turkey as well. Recently I have been rated as one of the best wedding photographer in Turkey by Fearless Photographers( group of best wedding photographers in the world) Please search Burak Hasturk Photography for my portfolio and pricing.

    Kind regards



  • We have just booked for 14th Sep 2014, we met with Carole from Carole and Tayfun on Monday and paid our deposit, im sooo excited image

  • AmieeGAmieeG Posts: 12


    were using Carole and tayfun booked for 21st September 2014. They have very helpful so far! 

    Was a little sceptical as since booking seen a few bad comments about them but so far so good!

    katielouise88 hows thing going with yours, which hotel are you staying in? 



  • Do you have to travel to Izmir to translate docs or something if getting married in olu deniz we had looked to get married at the holiday village in Turkey but were told we would have to travel to Izmir to sort docs and this is approx 8 hour round trip??!!! Xx

  • AmieeGAmieeG Posts: 12

    we have been told we need to go to Antalya to the british consulate to sort paperwork before we can get married which is a 6 - 7 hour roud trip. the package we have booked includes transport, fuel and insurance to get there and also a translator.

    you do also need to go to the hospital to get your paperwork stamped but this is only in a short trip, again our package includes this so no extra costs for this or to worry about getting a translator.


  • yaseminyasemin Posts: 1

    BEWARE: I noticed on a few occasions that some companies are imitating Oludeniz Weddings (that everyone is raving about). Please do your research as this is not the same company. Oludeniz weddings have been around for 9 years and the venues they have are not used by any other wedding company. The correct company is

    [email protected]

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