Where to get married?

Hi, I am looking to get married abroad in 2016. Would like to stay in europe so its easy for family to travel. Must have a beach and be hot...probably travel in June/July or September. Any suggestions for location?


  • heliganedenheliganeden Posts: 1,848

    We got married in Paphos, Cyprus image

    Getting married in Cyprus is so simple, and it's a great place, all our guests loved it

  • BrookieBrookie Posts: 163

    Hi there, have a look at Rhodes, or any of the greek islands, lots of different venues to choose from. And lots of choice of places to stay to suit different budgets. We're getting married in sept at kalithea springs. 

  • Malb2b13Malb2b13 Posts: 679

    be warned some greek weddings are not legal marriages back in uk- many are but just check if thats what you decide to go for. were getting married in Malta next month so i am bias to there image seen some lovely pics for italy, santorini and turkey as well xxx

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    I'm another cyprus bride image We get married this September. Chose there as, like you, didnt want to travel too far. Plus ceremony is done in English, you don't need to get anything translated.  Marriage is recognised in uk (unlike if you get wed in France or Spain). No residency requirement - you can marry within a day of arriving if you want. Good for us as we're only staying a week. 

    And i've found it  really easy to organise. Not using a planner, doing it myself. The people I've been dealing with have been lovely - both Cypriots and ex-pats

    Good luck with whatever you choose x



  • My Best Friend got married in October at Nissi Beach, Cyprus and the photos are beautiful - the blue sea in the background is breathtaking, I was her something blue so my dress really complimented it.  I also love Malta and have another friend who got married in Santorini and the white and blue with the sea is beautiful.  How exciting to be booking image x

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    Im getting married in the algarve. We wanted the wedding to be easily accessible for older guests and those who wanted to do a short break rather than a week holiday. X 

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    Hi Louise,

    I have just got back (7weeks ago) from my wedding in the Algarve, Portugal. It was ideal for us as only a short flight and a cheap week away for our guest who turned it into their summer holiday. We had the most amazing wedding day, our guests are still talking about it! We holiday in Portugal alot as my parents have an apartment there but we used Algarve Wedding Planners to help us organise our day who were fantastic! Happy Planning x

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    Hi Louise definitely Portugal just a short flight away from most of north European countries and great beaches we are being helped by an English wedding planner onsite called Rebecca she’s been brilliant so far no language barriers whatsoever if you want to know more just give her a shout on www.algarveweddingsbyrebecca.com or send me a PM I'm more than happy to be of help. Enjoy your planning image

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