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We are thinking of booking the Alexandra the Great Hotel in Paphos Cyprus for our wedding in 2014. Has anyone booked this through the hotel direct? If you plan to marry here or have been married here please can you let us know who it was organised through and the estimated cost of your wedding. We only want to spend 5-6 k and have about 20 people attending




  • I'm sorry I can't answer your questions but I just wanted to say I went to a wedding here in 2009 and it was amazing. It's the best hotel I have ever stayed in! image the sun loungers look out onto the beach, it's just wow!

  • Hi,

    We have just booked through Thomas Cook although we are waiting to have it all confirmed. We also will be having around 20 guests. If you email the hotel direct they will send you a brochure for the reception costs. 

    Let me know how you get on....would be good to compare notes! 



  • Hi,

    I get married at the Alexander next week! We booked it all through the hotel, their wedding co-ordinator is fab. We have 29 guests (inlcuding us) and for a cocktail reception, meal, champagne for toast and wine with meal it's costing less than £2k.

    I've found the facebook page 'cyprus brides to be' very useful as there is loads of people on there who have been or are getting married in Cyprus and they can recommend suppliers. I have arranged my own DJ, hair stylist, photographer etc using the recommendations of past brides.

    Hope this helps!



  • Hi Kirsty

    Congrats on your wedding!

    How did it go?

    I am going to book Alex the great I think for my wedding in June 2015. So excited!!

    What did you do for music? I am trying to find a band but it is quite difficult to find a good one!

    Anything you can recommend to me about getting married there?

    X thanks in advance x
  • Hi Brides

    I am so glad to only be hearing good things about this hotel.  It is a definate option on my list to visit for wedding venue - I am going out to look at venues in November and cant wait.  Just worried that it is not fully booked as the dates I am looking at are in May 2014 and my planner has already check and not alot of dates left eekkkk but sure I will find a date if I really like it.

  • We are getting married ath the Alexander in Juy 2014.  Has any one got any photos theyd be willing to share of the reception area next the the unity terrace?

  • haha the pictures are too small..LOL! Ladies if you want I have images in our FB PAge & webiste:

    We have great personalized packages for that resort including all your accommodation and everything you need for your weddingimage


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