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Wedding in Italy


I was wondering if there is anyone getting married in Italy and is choosing to handle all the sending of the legal documents themself rather than to use a wedding planner? If so, how easy is this to organise?



  • CharlukCharluk Posts: 12
    Hi Winter88,

    We're getting married in Italy on 1st September, and we've organised all the paperwork ourselves. It's really not as difficult as you might think. You go through the normal channels in this country to get your certificate of no impediment at your local town hall (up to 6 months before your wedding - but check this as each region of Itlay different I think) then you just send in with certified copies of your documents e.g passport, to be granted a Nulla Osta which allows you to marryin italy. Simple! Have a look on the British consulate website and that should help.

    Hope you do ok!

    Charlotte x
  • maryli88maryli88 Posts: 2
    Hi Charlotte

    That's great. Thanks for the advice.

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