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HI we are getting married lindos and have recently asked the travel agent if we get any extra luggage allowance for our wedding attire??.......anyway she got back to us and the answer is No imageimageimage we are flying with monarch and they seem to be the only airline that dont give extra allowance for wedding attire!!!

So what do i do now as we were going to take 3 suitcases but this will weigh more than 40 kilo!!!!!

Any suggestions would be gratefull also has anyone else been in the same situation??imageimageimage

J x


  • KenyatwoKenyatwo Posts: 945
    hi Jem

    we have exactly the same problem flying with Monarch and could only upgrade for £20 extra to 20 kilos whats worse is that if we were flying with Thomas Cook - who we booked with we would have got 35 kilos each free I can't understand why some companies offer at least an upgrade while Monarch offer nothing

    am worried as we go for 3 weeks and struggle with luggage allowance when we have been for 2 weeks with no wedding stuff
  • Jemmas82Jemmas82 Posts: 560
    Hi so how do u upgrade??? when we go for a week my case always weighs more hehe

    J X
  • oh no Jem......Can't you palm off some of your stuff to other members of your wedding party? I'm sure they'd oblige if you tell them how mean Monarch are being with the luggage allowance.

    I'm going with Thomas cook...3 weeks today! We actually get 1 extra suitcase (not per person) weighing no more than 25kg for all of the wedding attire.

    Most of the other airlines allow you to take your dress on as hand luggage but not Thomas cook, their hand luggage allowance is too small for any sized dress box! Hence the extra luggage allowance weight!

    Hope you get it sorted though!

    x cb x
  • Jemmas82Jemmas82 Posts: 560
    Hi i have e-mailed monarch and going to ring them in the morning to see if we can take things as hand luggage!!!

    I cant believe it really!!

    J x
  • KenyatwoKenyatwo Posts: 945
    If you want dimensions for hand luggage on Monarch they are 56cm tall, 45cmwide, and 25cm deep. My dress will fit a box this size so am taking mine on as hand luggage and H2b will carry all documents etc in bag as his hand luggage. Was gonna buy a box from but decided that as the box from wedding shop fits these dimensions would just use that hope this helps you Gem
  • mrsmoore2bukmrsmoore2buk Posts: 372

    can i ask where your flying from?

    I work for a handling agent and i am pretty sure you will be able to pay for excess at the airport.Also you will have a hand luggage allowence of anything up to 10kgs If you let me know which airport you are going from i can give them a call and find out for you exactly what the current rules are.
  • KenyatwoKenyatwo Posts: 945
    We are going from Gatwick and we figured that could probably pay excess baggage at airport but having already paid to upgrade by not very much a bit ticked off at having to pay even more for what lots of others are being given for free guess thats just how it is but will definately check who airline is next time we book
  • Thomas cooks hand luggage size is: 43cmx28cmx23cm not very big and certainly not big enough for a dress!

    I looked on every single website looking for a box or case that size just to see if it'd fit but nobody does one!

    x cb x
  • KenyatwoKenyatwo Posts: 945
    Hi Cubanbride

    have you tried your wedding shop my shop does 2 boxes first one is 51cm tall 35 and half cm wide and 23cm deep and second one is 51cm tall 45 and half wide and 15 and half deep so either will be ok for my flight the shop has assured me my dress will fit in either box as it doesn't have a massive skirt As I am carrying it on as hand luggage it doesn't need to be mega strong just gonna wrap some string around to help carrying it. If your shop can't help try asking at another one am sure someone will help even if you have to pay for it
  • Kenyatwo

    Thanks for that but nobody actually makes a box that small!! I have asked everywhere possible, but if you come across one in the next coiple of weeks be sure to tell me!!

    x cb x
  • Jemmas82Jemmas82 Posts: 560
    Hi mrs moore

    We are flying from manchester!!! Hope you can help

    If u have any information for me regarding this culd u please e-mail it to me??

    Kenyatwo could we take the dress and the suit as hand luggage as long as it meets the allowence????

    I'm soooo confused with all thisimageimageimageimage

    Jemma x
  • KenyatwoKenyatwo Posts: 945
    If it fits in the box/ bag you use why don't see why not. Have you spoken to wedding shop at all about the size boxes they supply as I said if your shop can't help try any others Have just looked at box brochure website is they definately do boxes called travel boxes that fit size criteria. Ring your shop they should be able to tell you if your dress fits into it. Was gonna have one myself but as can get one for free from my wedding shop not gonna pay for one

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  • Jemmas82Jemmas82 Posts: 560
    I have an e mail back and they said some sizes so guna measure it
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