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anyone getting married in ravello italy

Hi all


Was wondering if anyone of you brides are planning a wedding in ravello?  Looks stunning. Looking for some suggestions on wedding planners or how I would go About planning the wedding myself?  Have fallen in love with villa cimbrone. (looks stunning). Does anyone cost the cost of this venue?  Or got married there? Any advice would be great. 







  • xxEmma1xxxxEmma1xx Posts: 32

    Hi, just wondering whether you ended up marrying in Ravello? I am also looking to marry there and would love some tips. My dream venue is also Vila Cimbrone but thinking it may be out our budget.

  • karen xkaren x Posts: 13


    we have nothing booked just yet.  Are planning to view venues in ravello and ssorrento this sep/oct to set a date for September next year.  Yes villa crimbone quite pricey but  hear it's  breath taking. Hoping we can work with it in our budget . However looking in to villa Eva also , which is meant to be lovely and quite Abit cheaper.  

    how about you when are you planning for your wedding etc? How many guests do you plan on having? Are you planning on having a wedding planner?


    Look ok forward to hearing back from you. Great to help each other on with info etc 


    k x 

  • xxEmma1xxxxEmma1xx Posts: 32

    Hi, not sure on a date yet. We were hoping for August next year but we are letting our guests have a say on dates as they will need time to save.

    We are hoping to have around 30 adults, 4 children but the numbers seem to be growing every day. We want to use a wedding planner but the prices are never on their website and even when you email them they are sketchy about costs. Laura Frappas website looks amazing. Would love to use her but bet she has a higher price tag.



  • karen xkaren x Posts: 13

    Hi  ya.

    yes numbers seem to be growing with us too.  Think we have around 46-50 that's with about 10 children. Budget wise hoping to keep it all in for £15k . Have you got a budget ? 

    we are hoping to do parts ourself to try keep the cost down  however bit worried about the stress of it all.  Yes laura frapa does look great and I have tried contacting her through her website but no reply. Think there normally about £2000. 


    I have contacted villa cimbrone directly and they have a in house wedding planner which I think is in with the price.  They was very helpful. Price wise  it's around €250 per person . Quite pricey. (and probably pushing my budget)  But sure you get lot more food and drink etc when  compared   to wedding in England. However you can't get  married legally there so was looking at Ravello Town hall with looks lovely with amazing views. 


    Have be you looked in to any other planners or venues if so be great to here and compare things as so much to think about with wedding abroad. 


    K xxx 

  • xxEmma1xxxxEmma1xx Posts: 32

    We are hoping our budget to be around the same as yours. On Laura Frappas blog though there is a wedding that is Villa Cimbrone and catholic church wedding that had a budget of £25000 and that seemed to be just for ceremony, reception, flowers and photographer so I'm thinking there must be some hidden costs somewhere.

    £2000 seems crazy to spend on a wedding planner does't it but I'm not sure how I would organise everything myself otherwise.

    I have contacted the wedding planner for Villa Eva who seems super helpful and a lot cheaper and will arrange flowers, town hall, music, etc. but don't think much personalisation goes on it is just a generic package they do.


  • My MOH is getting married in Sorrento next year and has highly recommended contacting her planner Cheryl Pagano (Bello Sposa weddings) to see if she either does Ravello herself or can recommend anyone. She is wonderful!

    I know she has organised a town hall wedding and then a reception on the beach front. All the little bits are covered like coaches for guests etc, even down to during the ceremony someone comes and collects your swimwear and takes it to the reception so it is ready for you and doesnt have to be carted around with you to the ceremony etc!

    She also said steer clear of Thomson wedding planners with a barge pole!!!!

    Good luck xx

  • Mrs Faz2bMrs Faz2b Posts: 64

    We have just come back from our honeymoon on the Amalfi Coast and spent a couple of nights in Ravello - I cannot recommend it highly enough! We visited Villa Cimbrone and the gardens and views are just stunning - just make sure your guests have a head for heights!  It would definitely be an amazing wedding venue!


  • xxEmma1xxxxEmma1xx Posts: 32

    thanks for the advice! image

  • karen xkaren x Posts: 13

    Hi all


    yes Emma does seem a lot to spend just on the planner but I think that is around normal unfortunately.  Does seem a lot of hard work doing it yourself but seen other brides on these sites saying they managed to do it all.  Like you say I'm worried l the detail things I want (favours etc) won't be does with planner.  Hopefully when I go to visit I may see what is really with in budget but don't want to fall in love with so etching we can't have. lol


    Yes is is that planner at villa eva called Mario?  He does se very helpful.  


    Thank you you for tips . So good to get tips and opinions from people who have  been there. 

  • Hi Ladies

    I am also getting married in Ravello July 2015 and I must say it's not as cheap as I first thought. My planner is Laura Frappa and I am paying just under 4000 euro her services. I have chosen a ceremony in the town hall gardens and reception at Hotel Caruso. Laura has a great website an has answered my emails promptly. Need to get reasonable price for flowers and music now. Hope everyone else's plans are going well. Any recommendations for flowers etc would be so much appreciated. x

  • Hi all!

    We've booked our wedding for September 2015 at Villa Eva - extremely excited!!! We viewed Villa Cimbrone and it is beautiful, but we preferred Villa Eva's slightly less formal feel and we're expecting around 60-70 people so Cimbrone worked out a little bit too far over budget for us!

    We're working with Anna Sorrentino based on a recommendation from someone on one of these forums. We met with her in Ravello and she seems like a lovely woman. I'm not sure if she'd be happy with me advertising her fees on here but I can say that they're less than the prices people have mentioned above so it's worth talking to her, especially as she's been highly recommended on a few forums. Happy to provide her contact details if anyone is interested in talking to her. I've also seen Laura Frappa praised quite highly but haven't been in touch with her. 

    I have to say, once we sat down and worked through our budget it was a lot pricier than we wanted/expected, it's certainly not the cheapest place to get married and the drinks are not cheap at Villa Eva but it is a beautiful location, so totally worth it in my opinion.

    My current struggle is to find a band in Italy for after dinner, many of them seem quite cheesy and I know this is an odd thing to say given we're getting married in Italy but I don't want the songs to be sung in an Italian accent. We'd love a versatile  band who can sing a variety of songs including some current stuff, maybe even a bit of Kings of Leon thrown in! I don't suppose anyone has any recommendations?

    Hope you decide on your dream venue soon Karen! If you can, I'd definitely recommend a trip out there. We loved it and are going back once more before the wedding to try the food to select for our menu and also for hair and make up trails. That's me, not the groom to be, ha!


  • karen xkaren x Posts: 13

    Hi all 


    wow looks like quite a few of us looking in to same venues.   It's great to here from you all.  we're visiting next month to view villa eva and villa  crimbone.  But our numbers have gone up so like some of have said i think it can get a bit out of our budget.  I planning to meet up with maddalena from "exclusive italy weddings" part of laura frappas team.  I haven't spoke directly with laura but maddalena has been very helpful so fare.


    I cant wait to get out there and get our venue booked Now . Yes nat I don't think it's the cheapest place to marry when you add everything up. But like you say it's beautiful and get a lot more than you would in the uk.  Please let me know how get along with the rest of your exciting wedding plans.   What date have you gone for?  Was it quite booked up for 2015 ?


    look forward to herring back from u all 


    k xx 

  • karen xkaren x Posts: 13

    Also flossy38 do you mind me asking what is included in the €4000 for laura frappa services?  They do have great feedback and weddings they have planned do look amazing.


    Have you spoken to any other planners from her team or are you just talking with laura?  

    thanks so much 

    k x 

  • Hi all


    were are off to Ravello tomorrow to visit some venues.  Very exciting .  meeting with one of laura frappas team.  Will let you all know how I get on.  Hope all your wedding plans are going well and would be great to share advice .  Visiting villa eva and villa cimbrone along with hotel Caruso. Can't wait.


    k xx

  • DianaDiana Posts: 102

    Good luck Karen!

    Please let me know if you get any information regarding a band as all the ones I've come across are extremely cheesy

    thank you!

  • Bee15Bee15 Posts: 16

    Ooooooh good luck Karen, please give us the full debrief when you get back! 

    I'm in the process of booking with Laura for September 15 and it looks like we are going with Cimbrone. Scary to chose somewhere without visiting, but we want next summer and can't get over to italy unTil February. Have been showering reviews and you tube videos! 


  • Hi all.


    were back from stunning Ravello and I have to say it's soooo beautiful. Everywhere you go is so pretty and everything I wanted if not more. For our big day.  The little town is perfect for guest as you can walk everywhere.  Was out of season so most things was shit which was a shame but we still had great time.    

    We are going to go with beautiful Vila eva. which is funny as in my head o didn't want that at all but when I saw it is just perfect the pics don't do it justice.  Plus it has dancing till 2am and total exclusivity which we liked idea of too.  And also suits our budget a lot better.  

    Hi Bee15 , villa cimbrone is so beautiful you will love it.  it's stunning.  The gardens and views are out of this world and we went in winter so can imagine it's even better summer time. We just found  Villa eva suited us bit better as found it's bit more relaxed and we only have around 50 guests and thought villa cimbrone was bit big For us.  were hoping to book for August /sep 2015.  So many dates booked up though so trying to aRange asap,   How have you found working with laura?  How many guests are you expecting? Be great to exchange info. Finding it bit stressful and not even books yet eeeeek .


    look forward to hearing from you

    k x 

  • Oops shut not s**t sorry ladies 

  • DianaDiana Posts: 102


    I've found a pretty decent band that are based in Rome but they are expensive £2500 to play in Amalfi.  I was speaking to their agency and they may be willing to reduce or negotiate the price if there are a couple of bookings.  I know a few of you were also looking for a band so please let me know if you are looking for a band and would like links to their repertoire or clips for consideration



  • Hi


    I am getting married in Ravello in June this year. It is only a small wedding with 9 of us but I have still hired a wedding planner as I can't imagine doing it all from here and it is taking the stress off quite a bit.  I am using Anna Sorrentino who was recommended by Hotel Caruso which is where the reception is taking place.  She has been fab so far and has charged me 650 euros which I think is reasonable looking at the prices above.  However, I don't know if that is because we are only a small party so prices may differ for large groups.

    It would be great to hear what other plans everyone has as although I'm very excited, being a control freak I am nervous about it as it's a destination wedding.


  • DianaDiana Posts: 102

    Hi Bride1983 - Have you found anyone to do your hair and make up?  I'm getting married in Sorrento and struggling to find someone


  • Hi Diana

    My make up is being done by Enza from Frai Form who is charging from 200 euro.  It seems a bit much but I don't think I can do my make up myself.

    With my hair, initially, I wanted to book a chap called Gerardo as everyone online raves about him.  Unfortunately, he is booked up for my wedding date but he was my first choice.  My hair is now being done by his cousin Andrea Serretiello.  All individuals have come recommended by my wedding planner Anna Sorrentino.

    Good luck! x


  • DianaDiana Posts: 102

    thank you - i'll look these guys up!

  • Bee15Bee15 Posts: 16

    Hi Diana, Zoe Graham is highly recommended, she is half australian and half italian. She covers sorrento (I know as she is already booked there on my wedding day - grrrrr!). she comes up on google and she has a facebook page. I have booked hair and make up by "makeup by Jodie" and am flying them over. They come well recommended in the uk. 

    if you could share the details of the band from rome I would be really interested. I haven't moved any further forward with enterrtainment in the past couple of weeks!! 


    Many thanks !! 

  • Hi Karen,

    I am getting married in August 2016 and I am thinking of  getting married abroad - most likely in Ibiza. I would love to go to Italy and see how the scenery and wedding venues look like there. My aquantance is getting married in Lake Garda, Italy this year and I am waiting to hear from her about the planning etc. She is getting married in April, so I shall know something by then if it is not too late to pass the information on to you.

    Have you thought about the wedding photographer yet? I am a wedding photographer myself and I am looking for someone who would be just perfect for me and my fiancé.

    Check my facebook page for some examples of my work:



  • Vanessa14Vanessa14 Posts: 1

     I just got married in Ravello on May 30th of this year. I used Anna Sorrentino and she was amazing!

    I wasn't happy with my hair and honestly I can't remember his name but it was not one of the ones mentioned.

    Enza did my makeup and I felt it was a bit expensive and not worth the work she did. 

    My flowers were amazing, whoever she uses is great!

    Gianni di Natale was our photographer and he is incredible! 


    Have a wonderful time! It's beautiful and perfect!!!!

  • This is great to hear everyones tips! I'm getting married in Ravello June, 2016. Everything has been going along well, but the band and DJ seems to be very pricey. We have a wedding planner but I'm curious to hear from real brides. Who did you all use?

  • Hi ladies!

    Can anyone send me contacts of Anna Sorrentino in PM ?

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