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Where have all the Lake Garda 08 Brides gone?

Hi all,

Lake Garda chat seems to have disappeared recently - where are you all?

I miss hearing the planning stories, and discussing plans for next year!

Come back image

I can't do this on my own!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

C x


  • jeeves2209jeeves2209 Posts: 65
    Hi hun,

    Where are you getting married in Lake Garda?

    We are at Malcesine castle on 9/8/08!

    Have you decided where you are having your reception yet?

  • BabybonBabybon Posts: 198
    hi, I'm an 07 bride (60 days to go!) and I'm missing the chats too!

    there were loads of chats but they have definately all disappeared!

    We're getting married in the castle and having reception at Excelsior Bay - can't wait....have you ladies been to Malcesine? We've been three times so if you need any info - let me know!

  • melanierice1melanierice1 Posts: 1,966
    Hiya ladies - was wondering where everyone was too. 39 days to go for me and exactly five weeks tomorrow until I fly to Italy. Can't wait - am already keeping an eye on 5-day weather forecast for Malcesine, as if that's gonna tell me anything about 24th August at the minute.

    Spent 5 hours last Monday preparing and forwarding all the final paperwork to Gwen, eg group photolists, table plans, menus, flowers, music etc. I'd definitely recommend doing this as you go along as I was tearing my hair out by the end of it, and cursing h2b for not helping me enough!!!

    Now feel pretty planned-up although still have to get h2b's suit, gifts for wedding party, favours and table decorations.

    How's everyone else's planning going?

  • BabybonBabybon Posts: 198
    hi, yeah i was looking at all the final paperwork needed the other day - hopefully it should be ok but H2B is really into photos so he can do that bit!

    I decided to buy all the wedding party pressis in one go a few weeks ago and managed to get them all in one night via t'internet!

    plans going well - just hair and flowers to sort really (oh, and 1st dance song!!) but all thats on my earlier post today!

    had my hen day/night on sat - was quite tame but still enjoyed it!

  • melanierice1melanierice1 Posts: 1,966
    Ooh - what did you do for your hen night? Did you have people there that aren't going to Italy with you?

    Mine's is next Saturday (28th). Going bowling in the afternoon, then back to mine for Italian cocktails (to introduce an Italian theme - Bellinis will be top of the list!), and then going to Curry Karaoke (losing the Italian theme there!).

    Have been listening to an Italian CD in the car - trying to at least have some knowledge of the lingo - not doing very well though I have to say (una bierra per favore!!),

  • melanierice1melanierice1 Posts: 1,966
    PS Sorry I just realised this was a 2008 thread!!
  • BabybonBabybon Posts: 198
    hiya, I went to York races with 40 (yep 40!) friends and family - it was good but very hard to keep in touch with everyone through the whole day - then we came back into Leeds for a cheesy night out (not all 40 of us though!)

    I was very drunk and came home with more money than I took out which is always the sign of a good night!!

    Your plans sound fab - hope you have a great night too!

    Lingo? ha yeah, we started Italian lessons together thinking we would be nearly up to speed by now..but like everything they fell by the way side - sure we will be fine though! xxx
  • Darrell_SDarrell_S Posts: 53

    I am pleased to see that there are some LG Brides still around. I am hoping to get 6th Sep 2008 as my date, but not confirmed yet!

    Still shopping between Lake Garda Weddings, Thomsons Holidays. and Italy Lakes Weddings......... any one have any thoughts?

    Nice to hear from you all image

    Clare x
  • BabybonBabybon Posts: 198
    Hi Clare

    To be honest, i think (although can't be sure!) Thomson actually use Lake Garda weddings for the ceremonies - I may be wrong but i seem to remember when we met them last year they mentioned something.

    We decided on LGW as it was a small company set up following Gwen's experiences of arranging a wedding and didn't really consider the other two (havea lways been a bit against travel agents as they have to make ome money somewhere!) but it is personal choice !

    Hope your plans are going well - if you book with LGW (sure the others are the same too) your wedding date will be confirmed in September this year. have fun! xxx
  • Darrell_SDarrell_S Posts: 53
    Hi jt79

    Thanks for your advice! I guess it will all come down to money in the end (doesn't it always?)

    You must be so excited that your wedding is soon!! How long have you been planning?? Most imprtant, what dress are you wearing!!!

    I will watch out for your pictures on LGW website image

    Clare x
  • BabybonBabybon Posts: 198
    Hi Clare, we have been engaged for two years but only started really planning ni September last year when our date was confirmed (was too scared to jinx it before it was confirmed!!)

    My dress is from a designer called Charlotte Balbier - i absolutely love it and found it by accident's the genevieve dress. It arrived a few weeks ago (one month early!) and went to try it alterations required - very pleased as thats now one less thing to worry about! CUrrenlty deciding on table decorations as have just realised only 7 weeks until we fly out!! arrgghh!!

    how are your plans going? have you been to Malcesine before? xxx
  • Darrell_SDarrell_S Posts: 53

    In 2004 I worked as a holiday rep in Lake Garda, so I spent 8 months living there and dicided then that I would HAVE to get married there - didn't meet H2B for another 2 years, but luckily he has agreed!

    I was based in Riva at the top of the lake, but had guests in Limone and Malcesine. Have you been to Limone? It is AMAZING too, but very quiet, otherwise I would have picked there - stunning!!

    Do you have any pics of your dress jt79?

    C x
  • BabybonBabybon Posts: 198
    Hiya, yeah we were in Limone when we got engaged!

    No pics of dress just the ones on the website,

    keep in touch - love to hear about everyone's plans!xx
  • Hi all,

    I got kicked off the forum for some reason image So now i am flyingscottie instead of flyinfscottie81.

    H2B thinks it is because I put a post asking about the 'Wedding Night'. Thinks I was banned for being too nosey!!! :P

    How is all the planning going? How long now? I am 409 days!!

    Clare x
  • BabybonBabybon Posts: 198
    ...sorry you were evicted from the site!! but at least you're back

    we just have 50 days to go! arghh...just decided on my flowers tonight and going at the weekend to choose my tiara and bridesmaid chief BM (little sis) has bought their shoes today - they're fab and in the sale just £10 each!! yeah! hope your planning is going well too! xxx
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