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Hello I was wondering if anyone has booked there wedding here or had there wedding here I have requested the Agia Marina chapel, Analipsi for my wedding buit there's a chance it could be the chapel on the resort (which I do not want) could any body give me any information or has anyone been married here before thank you! image xx


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    Hi, I am getting married May 2014  on Analipsi beach in Crete and staying at Stella Palace.

    I have booked using sun&snow weddings and my wedding invites have just arrived. I am so excited but also worried that time is flying by!

    When are you getting married? There seems like so much to do. Trip advisor has good reviews so that has put my mind at rest.

    We can help each other as I cant seem to find lots of info on the web about weddings in Analipsi. xx

  • Hello, thank you for your reply! I have booked with Thomas cook and have recently found out that it's not the agia marina chapel I'm getting married outside of its a little chapel next to the sea that the hotel have built I've had a look on google earth and it looks good so I'm a little less stressed now there's just no information at all on the Internet is there!! I'm getting married in sept 2014 the reviews on the hotel are fab and it looks beautiful image! Yes we can help each other it's nice to find someone in the same boat as me! image is it Ruth doing your wedding?? Emily x x 

  • Sorry it's taken me so long to reply.

    Yes Ruth is my planner she's brilliant. Time is flying so fast I still have lots to do. I have been to try on a few or 25 dresses and I didn't realise how stressful it would be! I have narrowed my choices down to 4 in 2 different shops and go back to both on Saturday, and will hopefully make a decision on THE dress.

    I have also sent out invites to give plenty of notice and so far have 6 yes tacos excluding family so I feel happy knowing g I will have guests! I have also ordered bridesmaids gifts and bridesmaids parabola (which should have arrived today but didn't)

    I have my 5 adult bridesmaid coming over in a few weeks so we can decide on dresses and the hen.

    How are your plans coming along? Xx

  • Tacos should say r s v p!

  • Have any of you seen any pictures of weddings at the hotel?

  • No pictures at the hotel but makes me a little bit more excited as to me it dosnt feel as though I'm the millionth bride to marry there ( although I probably am). X

  • That's very true katyjane I hadn't thought of it like that ????

    The picture of the little chapel in the Thomas cook weddings brochure looks really nice I presume that's the hotel chapel xx
  • Hello laides sorry I've not replied I don't get notified when I get a new message just checked in!! And wow your plans are coming along nicely I've got my dress fitting this month so I'm so excited!! I've got 30 people going over there with me can't believe it's this year!! I've got a photo of stella palaces chapel my friend went and took a photo for me image if you send me your email I'll send it over!! I've picked my bridesmaid and flower girl dresses and sorted the photographer so it's all coming together I'm just talking to a tavern over there for our evening meal which do bbq's so that's exciting it's finally coming together roll on sept!! How are you getting along? xxx

  • What coloured bridesmaid dresses did you choose, also what dress will you be wearing? I have gone for mori lee 4614.

    We are having our evening meal in a taverna and will be having a bbq aswell! I need to choose readings and get rings next, had such problems finding bridesmaids dresses on a budget.

    I only have 134 days to go now! X

  • Think I will have between 25 and 30 guests, a bit sad for my man though as his sister can't afford to come and his dad's health is not so good, he has terminal cancer and on top of that his aorta ruptured twice in the summer so if we'll enough to join us which looks unlikely we need to book a 3 day train/ferry journey for his parents as he cannot fly due to his heart 

  • Hi Emily would you mind emailing me over a picture please were still trying to decide whether to book the Stella palace, my email is [email protected]


    thanks xx

  • hi could any1 send me pictures on inside the church at stella palace i am booking my wedding there for next year but can seem to find any pic of inside the church thanks my email address is [email protected] image

  • wee delly wrote (see)

    hi could any1 send me pictures on inside the church at stella palace i am booking my wedding there for next year but can seem to find any pic of inside the church thanks my email address is [email protected] image


  • Does anyone have any extra informant about the Stella Palace I am struggling to find any information on the wedding at this hotel. I would like to see what the options are for the reception at the hotel so costs, menu options please help

  • I know a few people that have organised the reception at local tavernas but I don't know where to start image I really wanted the reception at the hotel 

  • We used Ruth at Sun and Snow Weddings for our wedding on the beach in Analipsi and everything was absolutely perfect.  Maybe she can help with your Stella Palace wedding.


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    looking to book stella palace  for my wedding anyone got any pics? just want to see the decoration cant find anything online image thank you image

  • There's a few pictures of my wedding I started this thread a long while ago and went to stella palace not really knowing a lot we ended up having quite a lot of trouble when we got there and the which ended in lots of meetings, we went there being told we could have the la carte restraunt after our Wedding for two hours and have appetisers and champagne photos ect and then we was going to go out of the hotel for a meal of the night And we got told two days before the restraunt was closed and we couldn't have anything after the wedding no drinks nothing I was devastated because it was two late to change the day so I went to reception and asked to speak to a manager and they told me he wasn't there at this pointo my wedding day had changed twice and Lots more things went wrong! so I said to the receptionist Im not moving until I see a manager! Turns out he was there the whole time behknf reception me and my friend got invited into his office and I broke down he was a lovely man and got on the phone fast! He wasn't happy! He hired staff for the evening of my wedding to open the la carte he canceled the charges for decoration and we agreed on a price for me my husband and our 15 quests to have a 6 course sit down meal and a free cake and a champagne toast for everyone. The day came and it couldn't have been anymore perfect everything went to plan the place looked amazing the table outside the chapel they had set up was amazing and we had the whole la carte to ourselfs and waiters just for us! so after a stressful few days it was our perfect day! We loved every second and it was beautiful!! We even ended the night with suprise fireworks as we slow danced by the chapel bar! couldn't of wished for anymore, i hope this helps you ladies out there that can't find any reviews on the hotel don't be put off because the end result for me was out of this world the food was superb! And we overall had a fabulous 2 weeks there image xxx

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    I am thinking of getting married at the Stella palace next year. Would anyone be kind enough to send me info on who they booked through and a few pics. There's really not a lot on the internet. My email address is [email protected]

    Thanks xx

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    Hi there I'm just about to book the stella palace for my wedding next year through Thomas Cook but really unsure about ceremony & reception  there doesn't seem to be information  anywhere regarding prices of venues etc amy info would be great 

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    Hi Emily 

    thanks for the review of your wedding. Unfortunately it won't let me view the pics. I was just wondering if you legally got married at the town hall and then had the blessing at the hotel church? Thomas cook brochure says that's the option? 


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