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Cyprus Wedding Reception - any ideas???

Hi there,

I'm getting married in ayia napa monastary in June 08. When we originally booked we thouht about ten people were coming out with us but the guest list is escalating now we're up to 40+ and still counting. I've booked the wedding through thomas cook and i want to book my reception so i can tell guests where to go but thomas cook say it all has to be arranged when we arrive at the resort!

We get married 3 days after we land so i don't want to plan the reception in 3 days as well as find hairdresses, get license and everything else that goes with it.

Has anyone else encountered this? Did it all work out ok in the end?

I'd prefer to have the reception sorted before we left the uk image

Kate x x x


  • JOMAukJOMAuk Posts: 172
    ok calm down and count to ten!!!!

    I have just returned from my wedding in cyprus limassol...

    i used libra but also used Eve from cyprus4weddings



    My husband and i named Eve our comfort blanket lol

    everything she did was the best, every detail of our day was down to her

    please e-mail her

    and tell her jo and mark who stayed at the miramare hotel recommended you

    all the best

    Jo xxx
  • kjewellukkjewelluk Posts: 3
    Thanks Jo, I'll send her an email now image
  • Pammie6871Pammie6871 Posts: 47
    It seems that most people are having the same problems when they book through a tour operator. I have booked with Thomas Cook but I managed to get the email address of the coordinator over there and she has told me what time i am getting married. I cant remember it off the top of my head tho but i can find it for you. Or you can phone the thomas cook wedding team (its on the back of the wedding brochure i think) and they will tell you the email address. There are some lovely restaraunts in Ayia Napa: Limelight Taverna, Sage and Blueberries are popular. Just put one of those names in and search, they have wedding set menus on their web sites or you can email them for more info. Which hotel are you staying at, i take it they dont have a room or do you not want the reception at the hotel? Cos there are so many of you you are going to need quite a big venue. Guru bar was recommended to me but I am having mine at The Marquis De Napa cos I went there a lot last year and loved it. Plus its near the hotel. Im getting married 3rd Aug this year so not long for me to wait now.
  • EveCyprusEveCyprus Posts: 46
    Hi KJwell

    i will look out for your email

    Hi Jo thanks or your kind words, nicky has asked me for a picture of you while you were getting your make up done, i will ask andros when i see him friday and try and arrange it for her shortly

    LoL Eve cyprus
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