Centre pieces for abroad wedding


I am looking for some centre pieces for our wedding in Malta next year, but they need to be light enough to take with me, and not glass incase they break on the way out there. looking for simple yet effective.


any ideas would be gratefully recieved 



  • Hi,  I wanted cream birdcages as my centrepieces with candles and flowers in but the wedding planners quoted 25 Euros each to hire which I thought was bit excessive. I looked into taking some over but think they are too bulky. I've bought something similar but lighter and will take artificial flowers and mirror plates with me. I don't know how to upload photos! I'm also considering just sending whatever I buy via courier to the planner as it works out cheaper than buying extra luggage. Will see nearer the time. That might be an option for you if you like something more difficult to transport?

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    I am having Tiffany Boxes with a flower corsage on the box. The boxes are flat pack so I can take them over, along with the flowers and assemble whilst we are there. The flowers will be alot nicer than pictured though, this was all i could find image




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    hi when is your wedding i have brought lovley candle holders with 2 types of candles and harts on them then i have painted lots ov shells to match my sceam to scatter on the tables so thay look like petels we are on a beach front so real ones would ov blown away also i have brought flat pack tresure boxs and im filling them with my favours i will up load a pic as soon as i can but was thinking if your after mine you could have mine if you liked them i get married 21 may 2014


  • i need something majorly light and cheap but look effective too, any ideas?

  • I'd get them arranged over there tbh, far too much bother to be carrying them with you - are you using a wedding planner? Ask what they can offer or ask your vnue direct, anywhere that holds weddings will have suppliers that can do table centre pieces for you image

  • Like i said in another post... I am using my bridesmaids flowers as the centre pieces, I am going to a supermarket in Rhodes where I am getting married to buy the glass vases for the flowers for the tables. 

     My girls flowers. 

  • Sammi thats a great idea !!!

    Were getting married in Rhodes next year.

    I see that by now you would of had your big day so congrats!!

    Can you let me know how you found finding the vases and what cost they were  ?


  • Hello,

    I am getting married in Kefalonia next year and plan to use as much local inspriation as possible, so using local honey as my wedding favours and olive branches and wild flowers that I can find in the grounds of our villa for the table centres, which I will make into wreaths and put in old jars/vases or whatever I can find in the villa.

    I want a vintage theme/look, so just taking several yards of twine, lace ribbon etc to decorate. My caterer has organised the linens, so I am just taking my own sashes to add my wedding colour scheme. I have found so much inspiration on Etsy too for low cost ways to decorate, that I can do when I get out there image

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