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dress in your hand luggage??

I'm flying out to Australia in 2 weeks but still haven't worked out what to do with my dress. I really want to take it on board just in case it gets lost but I don't see how I can get it through security. Looking at the Heathrow website, airport security is really strict on number of hand luggage items - only one bag allowed. I am picking up my dress tomorrow (Augusta Jones Anushka - biggish skirt, lots of fabric!!) and am thinking of asking my alterations lady to pack it into a hand luggage suit case. Not sure how else I can get it on board. Any suggestions?


  • scottishbridescottishbride Posts: 2,023

    I don't think all airlines have the "one piece only" rule but I know that more and more are taking that approach. Packing it into a hadn luggage bag, or a preservation box, is a good idea, as long as you can give H2B all your other bits and pieces you need on the plane. You could probably keep it in its dress cover if you didn't have a box or bag to put it in, and just put that in the overhead locker (but if you get a nice attendant they will hang it in the cupboard in first class for you).

    I am going home for my wedding and will be away for 5 weeks in total so I am Fedex-ing my dress, shoes and veil over to my mum's house a month before the wedding so I don't have the hassle of bringing it on the plane myself!

    Where abouts in Australia are you coming to?

    Scottishbride x
  • lucianeuklucianeuk Posts: 674
    What you need to do is to ring the ailine. Your dress cover or box may probably be bigger than the size allowance for the one piece of hand luggage. Remember, your handbag, no matter what size, now counts as 1 piece, so you can't have a handbag and a rucksack for example as your one piece of hand luggage! People get permission to take their musical instruments on board as they can't go with the rest of the luggage because of the pressure, e.g. cellos! So there must be a way!

    Have looked briefly into this as will be taking wedding dress to Brazil next year. They will either let you take it on board or they will escort you with your dress and put it in some special compartment on the plane in your presence (think for fragile items) and when you arrive they get it for you before you leave the plane. Remember all airlines are different. Also with the new 'alerts' , things may have changed.

    Therefore (sorry for being long winded) give them a ring. You may have to pay. Good luck. It's just an additional stress you don't need. xx
  • nhebdon83nhebdon83 Posts: 238
    Hi Cathy,

    Who are you flying with??

    I flew home from Australia for a friends wedding in May and had my dress and H2B suit in a suit bag which i took on the plane with me as hand luggage. The crew were very helpful and hung it in first class for me as soon as i boarded the plane and returned i to me on landing without even needing to ask for it. I flew with Cathay Pacific.

    The restrictions are very tight a the minute but remeber, it is one peice per person so you can have the dress and your H2B can take your other hand luggage.

    I had the suit bag, my handbag and also a holdall, so when we went through security (and this is the only part that matters with the whole one luggage thing) i put my handbag in the holdall which my H2B carried through and i had the suit bag. They were fine with this as it still only meant that we had one item each through security and everything in the holdall was scanned anyway.

    Also remember that you are only allowed to carry liquids on board that are under 100ml and they have to be carried in clear plastic zip lock bags (these are provided at the airport). They will not hesitate in throwing away anything that is bigger than 100ml, as H2B found out with his hair gel!!!! lol

    Hope this helps, have a great time and have a great wedding.

    Nikki xxx
  • cathpatoncathpaton Posts: 27
    It fit!! My alterations lady was able to cram my gorgeous dress into my hand luggage suitcase! It will just need pressing when I get to Australia.
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