Thought I better make a start on my Report so here goes.

Started off good with row 1 seats on the plane and when we were sat at the gate we saw all our cases going on so we didn't need to worry. We were well over on our luggage but she never even mentioned it.

On arrival at the Athena beach we found we couldn't get the free upgrade due to the hotel being quite full but to be honest we paid for sea view anyway and our view was nice. All the rooms are the same size but the next grade up you just have a bigger balcony.

On the Monday we met the first choice rep in the afternoon, she was called Maureen and was pleasant. She just went thru all our paperwork and advised us what would be happening on the day before moving on to try to sell us extras. She was fine about us pre booking our photos but did make a couple of comments like ' just so you know i wont be able to stay for the photos thou as it wont be our photographer' We did upgrade the cake to two tier so there was enough but to be honest i don't think many people ate it anyway.

We then arranged to meet with the hotel on the tuesday afternoon to look at the options and confirm menus ect...

Tuesday morning we went to see our photographer Marios of Paphos Wedding Belles, Marios and Anna his wife are so nice and i really and truly can't reccommend them enough Anna can even plan your whole wedding and nothing is too much trouble.

She helped me with my bridesmaids flowers as i had made them myself but mangaged to leave them at home so she sorted that for me and brought them on the morning and what i paid was about half what first choice were charging. She also put me into contact with my hairdresser and she was fantastic and so nice. On the day she did two of the little girls hair and never charged anything.

Tuesday afternoon we met Linda who co ordinated the weddings she showed us the options of where to get married and was suprised we wanted to do it inside (I saw a wedding on the first day and people just stand staring at you and we just felt it was public) we picked our menu and confirmed all the timing of the day and booked the Athos room and dj for the evening.

Wednesday we went to get our marriage licence and met Marina who conducted our service. My friend had written us a reading and we showed her this also just to check. It was so hard not looking at it when it was in my hand but i really wanted it to be a suprise on the day. The taxi cost £15cy there seems to be a standard fare of £5cp for taxi's so we figured £5 there £5 for waiting £5 back.

Then when I got to our room there was a note asking us to call Linda about our wedding so I called and she asked me to come and see her. I met with her and the operations manager ( possibly George) they said the room was double booked and we would have to get married inside as the only other inside room wouldnt fit our guests, but bonus we didnt have to pay what it cost just the charge for the inside part.

Then we just had lots of relaxing and meeting up with friends and family that were arriving nearly every day. The Athena beach is a lovely hotel and the staff are fantastic and can't do enough for you some people didn't stay in our hotel but they still came round our pool every day and no one said anything, at 3pm every day they ring a little bell on the pool island and serve strawberries, cream and ice cream for £3.50 which is lush!!!!!!!!!

Wedding Day

Woke up and went down for brekkie about 8.30 with my mum, sister 3 best friends and god daughter. It was pressy time my sister had bought me some swarkoski earings and my mum a bag and i also got a embroidered heart from my god daughter my friend got me a embroidered picutre with me Alan and the bridesmaids catching my flowers with the place and date and our names on and another friend got me a garter with mr and mrs mcky and the date on.

Then it was my turn to give presents out I gave my mum a tissue box with a engraved poem about mums and daughters sheading a tear on the wedding day and inside i put piccies of me and my sister growing up. I gave my bridesmaids a matching silver clutch bag and inside there was john richard neckalaces, braclet and swaroski earings with a angel charm and small perfume. I bought my flower girl a bunny rabbit in a wedding dress from build a bear workshop and had a solid silver bangle made. My aunty sent over a bottle of champagne and the owner opened it for us. It really was perfect.

We then went and started getting ready, I really wanted to decorate the Zephr room where we were having the meal myself as i am a bit of a control freak but wasn't able to so i sent my bridesmaids with strict instructions on how i wanted it to look. I had taken table confetti, favour boxes, name cards, a scroll with a poem on about how we appreciate everyone making the journey flowers for the table and for the kids some sweets and a play dough toy each and bubbles.

We all got ready and did our make up then I went to put my dress on in my sisters room with my mum and Mario came and took some photos of my dress and shoes and me doing my make up and dress on. Then i went back to reveal to my bridesmaids who hadn't seen my dress. After that it went so quick my mum went down then the bridesmaidsn(they met me in recption) my dad came up and off we went.

We walked down the corridor and out the side of the hotel because i didn't want to walk past the pool on my way there. Just enough time for some quick photos and then my music started playing Lets stay together - Al Green. I walked down and straight away we did our vows then the reading then exchanged rings before signing the register to elton john your song and madness it must be love. We had some more picutures and walked out to your love is lifting me higher and everyone throwing confetti on to us.

My bridesmaids speach was fantastic and we had nothing to worry about people looking they stayed to the side and we didn't even realise they were there. it was only like at home when people stand at the church gates to see a bride. It really was perfect out in the sun in front of the sea with all that are closest to us there. Luckily there was a little breeze that day so standing for photos weren't too bad as while we were there there was a heat wave.

As we walked back inside to cut the cake and have our drinks reception everyone round the pool was clapping it was great. We had our drinks reception then at 5.30 we had our meal with wine and speeches.

7.30 we rushed off for sunset photos and i got changed into my second dress which was the same as my bridesmaids in white and was back in time for a first dance at our disco. One of Alan's best men had paid for a magician and the dj let us do some kareoke too. I put love hearts on the table and candles too.

I can honestly say it was the best day ever and everyone had so much fun. The staff at Athena beach are amazing and would just go out of there way for anything you wanted. It really does go fast thou but we was gready and had a reception back home where we had a meal and party with the full lot drinks reception flowers seating plans the lot so it was like a second wedding with out the service and this was great too.

One of the best things at my second party everyone loved was a sweet buffet with photos all around of the guests on there wedding day and little garden games like giant jenga, connect four and croquet.

I know it was long but i really wanted to tell everyone as much as possible as the paphos post has been great while i was planning my whole day. I will put some pictures up on my wedding website asap and the link is below.

Em x


  • Hi Em

    Congratulations on becoming a Mrs.

    I really enjoyed reading your report, I thought it was really informative and useful especially as we are getting married at the Athena in 53 days.

    Hope you don't mind me asking but I just wondered how much the DJ cost and did you have to pay extra for the use of the Athos room for your Reception?

    Also, with regards to the music - did you have to supply this yourself or did the hotel provide this for you?

    I can't wait to see your pics, we have booked Wedding Belles for our photos and flowers as they seemed really professional and their prices were very reasonable.

    Sarah x
  • watsoexwatsoex Posts: 88
    Not at all, the hotel provided the room for free and the dj was £150cyp.

    I put my wedding music on a cd before i went and gave it to linda told her what i wanted and they made sure it did.

    You will love it it's the perfect place and nothing is too much trouble. When arrived there was champagne and fruit in the room with balloons on the door and they did it again for when we went back to the room after the wedding. Also when they say breakfast in bed its the lot, eggs toast coffee juice ham cheese on a huge trolley.

    I'll try to get some more photos on my site soon but i ran out of time as it took so long to type my report.

  • Hi Em,

    Congrats on your wedding day! image

    And thank you for posting your review of your wedding - we are booked at Athena Beach for April next year and it was good to hear that generally you found the Athena Beach very good.

    I'm going to having a nosey at your pics now.

  • I love your 'wedding path' website - one of our friends (best man) was talking about setting one up for us since we have friends travelling with us who don't know each other.

    What a brilliant idea!!! image
  • sonymesonyme Posts: 425
    Hi Em,

    Loved youre wedding report, sounds like you both had a fabulous so glad all went well for you!!!

    Was your dj any good? Did he play a good selection of music?

    The gift you gave to youre mum was a lovely thoughtful idea, was it a poem you made yourself?

    Glad you had a brilliant day!!!!!

    Jayn x

  • ceegeeukceegeeuk Posts: 22

    Absolutely love your wedding path - it's a fantastic idea. Am getting married & staying at the Athena Beach in October so your report has given me a real insight. Our ceremony is at Yeroskipou Town Hall but we haven't decided where to have a reception yet.

    We have also booked through First Choice & they have been absolutely useless so far - I am totally disappointed. I wonder what I am paying money for. Not one person has been in touch about the organisation - I have had to chase them for paperwork that has gone missing, they have given me false information, they seem to be totally disorganised. They also can't tell me what time I am getting married at!!!!

    Anyway, thats my gripe over, I just wondered how you got on with them? Were they helpful to you?

  • watsoexwatsoex Posts: 88
    i had the same problem with them and ended up calling the town hall direct to confirm the time and it was booked for 11am and i wanted 3pm. After plenty of nagging i got them to change it but they weren't happy about it.

    The day just went so fast and we only had a bite of our desert before rushing off to catch the sunset it was worth it thought and I'm going to try to put more photos on later.
  • Hi Em,

    Congrats on your wedding day......your report was absolutely fantastic and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it, it sounds like you had the most perfect day! The photos look fantastic too!

    I noticed in one photo that your ladies are holding a fan, I was think of getting something like this for my mum, mother-in-law and bridesmaids as we are getting married in Paphos June next year when it is going to be very warm - do you mind me asking where you got them from please? ;\)

    Lisa x
  • watsoexwatsoex Posts: 88

    I can't remember to be honest as i've had them for about two years. They were from america thou and it was cheaper to import them than buy from a uk based company. The postage was more than the fan's themselves.

    They were great thou, I bought them for the photo but believe me they were well used as there was a heatwave while we were there although on the day there was a little breeze. I nearly wrote on them our names but just never got round to it.

    em x
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