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Tan for big day

Hello everyone

Am wondering how everyone else has planned their wedding date as regards tanning! Everyones photos I have looked at on here which have all been gorgeous, all of the brides have a lovely tan. Have people been planning to have a week or so at destination before the wedding, time to top up tan? Or have you been going on sunbed before hand or is it fake tan?

I usually get burnt around my hairline no matter what I do and don't want red face etc on our wedding photos! Any tips would be appreciated.




  • Hiya

    We are on holiday 10 days before we get married so hoping to get a 'glow' before the wedding. It doesn't look like there is a any chance of getting some sun here before we go with this rubbish weather!!!!

    Sarah x
  • Bubble06ukBubble06uk Posts: 76
    Yeah know what you mean! rubbish isnt it!

    Are you getting married soon then?
  • boogalou78boogalou78 Posts: 277
    I know it is not good for your health but i always have a few sessions on the sunbed before i go away as it gives me a nice glow and helps with the tanning whilst i am on holiday.

    Emma x
  • KenyatwoKenyatwo Posts: 945
    We are at our resort for 7 days before wedding so am also hoping to have some colour by then. Most places abroad you have to be in country at least 3 days before wedding can happen so you should be ok
  • We fly 6 weeks today, I am already really excited!!!

    It's my hen do this weekend which I am really looking forward to. Booked it 10 months ago and can't believe it's finally here!
  • mefisherukmefisheruk Posts: 27

    I'm planning to have a Clarins tan a couple of days before. I had it done once before and was really pleased with the results. I have fair skin but I also seem to be different shades of white/pink/brown at the moment! so need to get a one-colour-all-over look. This feels like better option as my dress is quite Summery with thin stripes and my current flesh tones will look very odd image

  • EveCyprusEveCyprus Posts: 46
    Hi bubble

    i would suggest a spray tan, i know a lady in Limassol ( i think your a Cyprua Bride) but if there are a group of you she may travel to another resort in Cyprus

    Let me know if you would like further details
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