Looking for kilt hire in Cyprus

Hi. ate re getting married in Cyprus in June 2013 and lookinto for kilt hire parliament Ayia Napa area. Has anyone else Been married over there in kilts? Far to expensive to take over as we are staying for two weeks honeymoon too. 


  • Hi Purple rain - thank you for that , just emailed them and hopefully they will be able to help but they are in paphos, but will hopefully deliver.

  • Steph2913Steph2913 Posts: 352

    Hi Lynsey

    I got married in Cyprus last month and am still a member of a cyprus brides to be forum on FB.  Having read your thread earlier, I posted a question on there to ask if anyone knew of any kilt hire places in or near Ayia Napa.  

    Unfortunately, I got a reply from a guy who is a piper and plays at weddings in Cyprus to say he didn't think there were any.  Apparently he has previously been in touch with Slaters with a view to opening a franchise out there for kilt hire but they weren't interested.

    Anyway, just thought I'd let you.  Seems if they're are any they're going to be difficult to track down.  So, good luck with McDonalds image

  • Hi Steph

    I will look for that forum on Facebook and thanks for the reply. 

    I had a swift reply back from the McDonald's kilt place. They are not open yet but will be up and running by end of this year and are more than happy to deliver anywhere on the island.  yeah image !!!!


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