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My dress is ivory as are the childrens . I was originally having a silver colour scheme by bm were having silver maxi dresses and the flower girls were having a silver sash on the dress. We are now getting married abroad. No adults bm just the flower girls. Would silver be a bit bland or still look ok. Otherwise I may go for turqoiuse aqua marine colour? 


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    where are yo. Getting married? Town hall/church or beach?


    we are getting married on the beach and are having hot pink an turquoise because I personally orefer colours like that for the beach, but if it was going to be in a town hall or something then silver would still look nice image xx

  • It's in a roman spa in greece. So it's under a dome but by the sea. Iam also thinking of light weight table decs. Nothing too big. Got place cards and confetti so far. 

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    We're getting married in Greece too. Our colour scheme will be coral mainly.

    I will be in ivory, but I am toying with a 50's style dress so if I go for that I may have a coral underskirt layer too. I have my 2 best friends as BM's and I think I will have them in a coral dress and my daughter will be a flower girl in Ivory I think.

    My h2b will be in pretty neutral colours and he won't be wearing a suit so won't be wearing anything coral other than a button hole I think.

    Ours will be quite an informal affair, wedding in the town hall followed by lunch in a beachside restaurant and then on to our friends bar for the night. I'm not sure what I will do about table decorations yet though. We arrive a week before our friends so I intend to make them all a goodie bag for when they arrive which will have a few local specialities in and also have a map and brochure etc in of the area for them so I'm not sure if i will then need or have room for table decorations too.

  • I married abroad and had a lemon colour scheme it looked gorgeous against the beach back drop. My friend however did have silver and married in cyprus and that too looked lovely. For my table decorations i had flowers done over there they were beautiful and guests took back to their rooms afterwards, which i think they liked. I had scratch cards for everyone at the reception, I made wish bracelets for all the women, girls and friends at home that couldn't make the wedding to put on when we got married, they said to" tie on and make a wish, once the threads break your wish will come true" White cord with seven clear beads. Hand fans for the women plus, handmade confetti, confetti bags, with personailsed stickers, handkercheifs for mother of the bride and groom and packets of tissues all matching. All together extra table decorations really werent needed.

    Have fun..........................

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