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What happens during a greek civil ceremony?

As the title suggests really, for all you ladies that have married in Greece, what did your civil ceremony consist of? How long did it last? What did they say / do?

We are getting married in Greece next year and want a relaxed, informal affair. We are having the ceremony in the local town hall and then on to a beachfront restaurant for lunch. We're undecided whether or not to follow the ceremony up with a more personal wedding blessing / service down by the beach but not sure if we want the extra fuss.

Is the ceremony at the town hall really impersonal? did you feel like you were actually married at that point? were you able to add any of  your own touches to it or is it strictly legal stuff?


Any opinions welcome. Thanks


  • I spoke to my wedding planner apparently its the same as here but they do it in greek and english.lasts about 10 minutes unless you have a reading . Also I didnt know this but they wear the wedding bands on the right hand so just make sure you tell them before that your following english tradition and putting them on your left.

    Where are you getting married 

  • maggi68maggi68 Posts: 166

    Thanks purple rain. I knew it was short but I was hoping for more than 10 minutes.

    I'm wondering what the wording will actually be, I presume there are no vows like in the uk?

    We are getting married in Corfu next year, can't wait now it's getting closer and closer but I just want it to be here already!

  • BrookieBrookie Posts: 163

    I think it is slightly different on different islands. I got married in Rhodes. The legal part was quite short. However we had 2 readings and said our own vows to each other. not sure how long ours was but it didn't feel too short. You would be best to check with your wedding planner. Hope that helps. 

  • maggi68,

    I am a wedding co-ordinator for a tour operator and I work on Crete. I can say that the actual length of the ceremony depends on alot of things... one of the mayors we use reads the ceremony in Greek and English, which takes longer than one of our other mayors who has a secretary who speaks excellent English and there is no Greek in the ceremony at all. As for the rings, some mayors let the couples put the rings on each other, others put the rings on. You should check with your tour operator/wedding planner as to how the ceremony is conducted in your venue.


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