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Ravello - Villa Cimbrone

Hi ladies,

Just wondered, does anyone have any pricing details for Villa Cimbrone in Ravello, Italy? For wedding, reception, meals, villa hire etc?

Thank you XXX


  • jules74ukjules74uk Posts: 370

    I'm getting married in Ravello in 53 days... although not at the Villa Cimbrone... there is a couple of old threads on Weddings Abroad that had some costs listed for the Cimbrone, beautiful, idillic setting but the most expensive in Ravello.... I think there was a coupld of grand hire fee and meals started at around 240 euro's per head plus drinks.... I have used a wedding planned called Laura Frappa from Exclusive Italy and she has all the prices etc... it is definitely worth looking at though depending on your budget... and if oyu can't stretch to Cimbrone prices (like me!) then there are many other beautiful options in Ravello.

    Happy planning :\)

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