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How did your family react?

We have booked our wedding in Santorini for next August however all out family knows at the moment is that we are thinking about it. The time is approaching to tell everyone it's booked and I am so worried about how people will react and that people will be able to afford to come. How did everyone else deal with it? Em


  • As long as you give people enough notice they should be okay.

    You will need to be prepared that not everyone you think or want to be there will be able to make it, but if people love you they will be happy with your decision and supportive.  Its your day, just explain to them to think of it as a holiday. I also suggest doing your research before hand, find a number of hotels in varying budgets, aswell as printing of/saving information on flights only and local B&Bs, so you show people the price.  If you can find things that are reasonabile people will be more likely to take a look and will totally want to book up.

    I got married in May in Santorini and i put together a little guide pack when i told everyone about it.  Little snipit's of information and pictures of the different areas.  A list of hotels with varying prices in different area's aswell as flight prices and a list of B&B's that were availbe to book up online.

    We all stayed in Kamari as this area had something for everyone and was well priced.  I also included a list of recommended hotels and bars and average prices for drinks and meals as Santorini is pretty expensive especially in August.

    2 of my guests booked up fairly last minute and got there flight there and back a really lovely B&B for like £400 - thats was in May so would be a lot more in August, but people are more positive if you have a lot of information ready to give to them.

    If they understand your reasons to want to go abroad and also see how amazing the palce is, they will be totally on board xx xx

    Good Luck!

  • Malb2b13Malb2b13 Posts: 679

    I thinkthe bride above has pretty much covered the advice i would give. i think the biggestthing is to be prepared for people not wanting to go. its all well and good saying think if it as a holiday but not everyone will want their holiday revolving around a wedding, it might not be the time f year they ould choose etc... our family were all okay on the whole. couple of snidy remark from OH mum but i thnk we weould have got that whatever we had planned! good luck xx


  • I can recommend a really lovely family run taverna in Kamari for guests on a budget image

    It is clean and pretty with lovely pool with views of the mountains. Ten minute walk to the village  five mins to the beach.

    They have live greek music twice weekly and the taverna is open for greek food all day image

    The son Andreas is gorgous and his mum does all the cooking!

    We left our mobile in the bar and they came to the airport when we were checking in with it for us. How great is that?

  • Thanks girls, some really helpful advice there.

    I am going to be suggesting Kamari as a more reasonably priced base to stay. Hotel Andreas looks lovely, does anyone else have any other recommendations I could suggest?

  • FranitaFranita Posts: 487

    No but I can advise against a hotel in Kamari having stayed there last year - do not recommend the Thalassa Seaside Resort even if they have special offers.  It is a total dump!

    All the best though, we loved Santorini!

  • We stayed at Kamari beach hotel, it was lovely, huge pool. The Aegean plaza was gorgeoud aswell xxxx

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