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Hi Everyone,

I got engaged in August and we have now decided to go away and get married alone. Too many issues with familys affording my destination choices ect. Now - my only problem is i just cant decide where to go!!! One minute i want Barbados, the next the Bahamas, the next im looking at New York & Vegas!!! I have spent weeks looking at all the destinations & im no closer to a decision than i was at the beginning and im starting to drive myself mad! My Fiance just says - "its simple, just pick somehwere" but its not that simple. We have decided on Feb 2015 so thats the other issue - finding somewhere amazing that has the perfect weather at that time.

If any of you can recommend a weddingmoon destination, or if you've been to any of the caribbean islands then please try and help make this decision a little bit easier for me - im really struggling!!! image

Liisa, x


  • I've only been to New York so can only comment on that. I had to flip a coin in the end to make my decesion otherwise I would still be pondering now. 

  • If you are interested in summery wedding check out Cyprus is beautiful and not so far from the UK, perfect for intimate small weddings and you can have candle light dinners on the sandy really gorgeous but not in February lol!:P Perhaps May-October would be better..


    Have a look at some venues here if you are interesteD:

  • AsherAsher Posts: 92

    Hi Liisa, 

    i am a,me going alone too and chose barbados as it's just gorgeous, been there once before and fell in love with the place.  We are getting married at the mango bay 2nd april 2014, if you want anymore info give me a shout x

  • LiisaLiisa Posts: 5

    Hi Asher,

    Thanks for that, never been to Barbados but it's the place that I keep being drawn to, plus it's good to go in feb! Want a hotel that's going to blow us away but none of them seem to be catching my eye! Has your hotel laid on a package for you? Nice & straight forward?? x

  • maggi68maggi68 Posts: 166

    If you're looking for a beach wedding in warm weather then you need to look at barbados as New York will be cold at that time of year, and possibly wet/snowy too.

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