Ayia Napa Monastery

For the attention of those getting married at the Ayia Napa Monastery after 03rd Septmber 2007

Please do not panic but if your wedding company has not contacted you, please contact them as soon as possible.

Although tour and independent wedding companies have not received any written confirmation to date, we have now been verbally informed that the planned restoration work will start at the beginning of September 2007 and that this will involve fairly major excavation work in the area of the Gatehouse Chapel of the Ayia Napa Monastery (the venue were UK Couples get Married).

The Anglican church therefore do not feel that they can take the responsibility of continuing with any weddings at the Monastery after this date, i.e. from Monday, 3 September 2007. However cooperative the Bishop may be in perhaps offering us another room on the site where weddings can take place, we have no guarantee of what condition the Monastery will be in and it does sound as though it could be a building site. I do not think many brides would be happy to have their wedding take place amidst the noise and dust which that would create.

However the Atlantica Aeneas hotel in Ayia Napa where they have recently built a Chapel, have kindly agreed to accommodate all the Monastery weddings booked for September/October of this year, and also all the Monastery weddings booked to date for 2008 and that they will only charge CYP30 for the use of their Chapel for these weddings (i.e. the same fee as charged by the Monastery).

For future bookings, the Anglican church will consider taking weddings in non-Chapel locations. They are prepared to do this where the location selected can be considered to be a ''dignified'' setting in keeping with the religious ceremony. Many of the hotels have areas in their grounds which are perfectly suitable for this.

The Anglican church hopes that by doing this they will be able to accommodate the vast majority of couples who wish to have a religious wedding but who may not wish, for whatever reason, to book their wedding in one of the existing hotel Chapels.


  • kathysukkathysuk Posts: 518
    Thanks for this Kerry, even though it doesn't apply to me as I'll be in Paphos but it's nice to know that you're thinking of us
  • gdrydengdryden Posts: 163
    Hi Kerry

    Thanks for letting us know, I'm getting married at Ayia Napa Town Hall on 16th Sept 2008, and was planning on having our photos taken at the Monastery.

    Do you know if we will still be able to do this, or will the work being going on still at that time?

    If it is, do you know of any other nice landmarks / places close to the Town Hall where we can have our photos done?

    Thanks again

    Gem xx
  • wedcowedco Posts: 268
    Hi Gem,

    The orthodox Church will be doing their very best to keep Ayia Napa Monastery a tidy as possible, I'm not sure what its going to look like! However your photographer will know some lovely places to take you, you photos will look fab!

    Have a lovely time!

    Kerry x
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