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Thomas Cook Affadavit for Cyprus??


Am trying to sort our affadavit for our september wedding..Ive just submitted one from an example i was kindly emailed and they've refused it on the grounds it doesnt have my parents names - occupations on it... (How much information do they need-this info is on my birth certificate!!!!!!)

Has anyone whose travelling with Thomas Cook got one they could possibly email me,

Thanks for reading

Jayn x


  • Pammie6871Pammie6871 Posts: 47
    I have one at home an im getting married on 3rd Aug at Ayia Napa. Im going out striaght from work but if you send me an email reminding me i can type it out for you later tonight:

    [email protected]



  • sonymesonyme Posts: 425
    Hi Pam,

    Thanks very much, thats would be brilliant!!!!

    jayn x
  • We have booked our wedding through Thomas Cook and have had our Affidavit signed and was approved by the Thomas Cook weddings department. It is as follows:

    My full name is xxx

    I reside at xxx

    My date of birth is xxx and I was born in xxx

    My nationality is British and I am a citizen of the United Kingdom

    My passport number is xxx and the date of issue is xxx

    My current occupation is xxx

    My mother's name is xxx and she currently resides at xxx and her occupation is xxx

    My father's name is xxx and he currently resides at xxx and his occupation is xxx

    I xxx do declare that I am single and now free of any bond of marriage and can lawfully enter in to this my first marriage

    I make this solemn declaration conscientiously believing the same to be true and by virtue of the provisions of the Statutory Declarations Act 1835

    Declarant's Signature xxx

    Declared this xxx (date)

    At xxx (Solicitor's Address)

    Before me xxx (Solicitor's Name)

    Solicitor's Signature xxx

    Solicitor's Stamp at bottom of page.

    Hope this helps.

    This affidavit is applicable for our wedding in Paphos as I think it is different if you are marrying in other areas.

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