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Colour Scheme

Just wondering what colour schemes everyone is having for their wedding abroads..?!

Initially we had decided on white, silver and light blue

...but being a girly girl i have seen some lovely pink bridesmaid dresses image

Whats everyone else having and are you using the main/bold colour in the bridesmaid/flowergirl colour?



  • kathysukkathysuk Posts: 518
    Hi Maz

    I'm having a sticking point on coulour theme. I figured I'd start with the maid of honour's dress to give me some inspriation but we can't find one we like!! There will definitley be a 'crystals' theme so silver wil be an obvious choice. My niece already has a ivory bmaid dress so that's sorted..

    Pink is always a good choice!

    K x
  • cleemorancleemoran Posts: 122
    Hi Maz

    I too have had colour scheme traumas! Originally wanted silver & white, but thought it might be too cold, then went through a bright green phase and am now on an ivory with mink! Am having lovely minky/mushroom bridesmaids dresses & pale pink flowers.

    Thats the latest anyway!

    While we were in Cyprus in may there was a wedding with deep blue/green bridesmaids & it looked lovely in the sunshine.

    Good Luck!

    Claire xx
  • BooWantsBabyBooWantsBaby Posts: 1,738
    Just seen a BEAUTIFUL pink themed wedding posted in General Chat.... i think me and h2b will be talking about the change of colour theme later, as i want PINK!!! lol...

    But i think the pale blue/ duck egg blue would be better for a wedding abroad?!?!

    We only have my dress which is white with silver detail...

    Just started looking at dresses for the maid of honor, young bridesmaids and flowergirl. Thinking of getting them through House of Brides. I know what you mean CyprusBride... finding it hard as well.. so thats why i turned to HoB as there are LOADS on there, got a long list of designers and style number to show h2b... very hard decision!!

    Lovely colours cleem!! Seen a lovely bridesmaid dress in Monsoon in that mushroom colour....

    Its soooo hard to decide!! lol
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