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Hi all 

i'm getting married in skiathos this August and i've booked through Ionian Weddings. Is there any other brides that are getting married there too or have got married there already to share tips and advice. Also I've never been to a wedding abroad myself, so find it hard to know what to expect. I've been to skiathos 3 times, so know the island quite well ... Its just wedding details i'm struggling with! 

Any tips or advice would be great!  Thanks image



  • Hi sunnybride7,

    I'm so glad you've started this thread! 

    We are getting married in Skiathos this September and have booked directly through Anastasia who conducts all weddings in Skiathos.  We went and spoke with her last year to get an idea of cost, logistics etc... And she wast really helpful.  From everything I have read you can just book your restaurant and reception when you arrive, a little scary not being able to plan but as you've been 3 times already I'm sure you will have your favourite places to go.  Where are you having your ceremony?  Have you been given much information from Ionian weddings so far?

  • Congratulations!  I definitely think we've chosen the best Greek Island!  image

    We were in Skiathos too last year and was going to visit Anastasia , but didn't around to it.  We couldn't decide between booking direct through her or booking through an agent here, but then we chose Ionian weddings after months of thinking about it! I'm wondering if Anastasia is who IW use in Skiathos (I hope so!).  Ionian weddings have been really good with information, but I've also spent hours looking on Tripadvisor and wedding forums!!!

    We're having the ceremony at the Bourtzi and then the reception is at Atrium Hotel which is where we've booked to stay.  I'm just wondering if it's best to book extras like DJ's and cars before we fly out or if these things are better arranged when you are there.  We have been given our wedding extras list, however it seems odd that I could book a band or DJ and not even know if they are very good or not!  So far we have 25 guests, possibly more coming, so i'm not sure if a DJ or band is necessary or not.  We wanted a relaxed casual wedding, but I guess we should have some entertainment for our guests. image

    It's hard to imagine a wedding abroad when we haven't been to one!  eeek! 

    Are you arranging much before you go, or waiting until you arrive in Skiathos?

  • I agree, we have definitely picked the best island!

    We're staying at the atrium as well! have you stayed there before? we looked round it last year when we went, Electra very kindly showed us round, you will have an amazing reception there, the setting and views are both stunning! We both fell in love with the place when we were looking round but our heads won in the end as having our reception there would have taken us over budget! 

    when we met with Anastasia she very kindly gave us estimates for things like flowers, hair, photographers etc so will be booking everything when we get there (luckily I'm quite relaxed even though I can't arrange much until a week before we get married!!!!) We're not even going to have a reception venue confirmed until we get there! This bit IS stressing me out but is dependant on how many guests end up coming.

    I would say wait until you get there to book extras, that way you can decide if you need it or not - cars for example are just the Islands taxis, so I personally wouldn't bother paying extra (depending on what price was given to you) in advance.

    We're wanting to book a DJ for our guests as well, I know what you mean about not knowing if they are any good or not, we're planning on bringing a very detailed list of what songs we want playing! 

    We've invited nearly 70(OH got carried away!) but anticipate we'll have around 40 coming.


  • Congratulations!


    If you are interested in booking a band take a look at the Groom Therapy Band. You can google them, or find them in Youtube. A great band! I think they can also include a DJ set!


  • I'm also getting married in Skiathos in September 2015. We weren't going to have it at the Bourtzi as it's a bit sterile inside. However, I've seen pics of people having the ceremony outside near the restaurant with nice chairs set out etc. I'd like this as it's lovely for photos. Anybody done it OUTSIDE as opposed to inside the building?

  • Hi skiathos bride,

    I got married outside the bourtzi last month, and the setting was beautiful. Everyone commented on its perfect setting. If you choose to have an outside ceremony they only allow it at 6pm ... No earlier. 6pm was a perfect time for us as it was 36 degrees and so so hot, it may have been unbearable if we'd had it at 3 or 4pm. Also bear in mind that they do not close the bar/cafe outside the bourtzi, but they just take a corner of the outside area. People do love to watch you, but they didn't bother me. I forgot i had people watching, although some of my guests were pointing out that strangers were taking pictures of us! image

    i would do it all again and choose skiathos!

  • (Hi,

    We are really interested in having our wedding in Skiathos (2016) but my future sister in law has just returned from Crete and as been really put off Greece. The main issue she mentioned was the toilet facilities and general hygiene. Could anyone give me any advice around this matter.

  • Hi everyone!

    I'm so glad I found this thread! I'm getting married in Skiathos in July this year (2015). Reception at Agios Nikolaos as we are both Greek and reception at the Atrium. We anticipate around 50-60 guests. I have been in touch with Anastasia about hair, make up and flowers etc, Just wondering if anyone can recommend a DJ? Elektra recommended Groom Therapy - did anyone book the DJ? was he any good? Also is there an MC at the Atrium? someone telling the guests to come dance etc? and lastly...did you ladies organise a cake at the reception or separately from a cake shop? Should I organise that now or when I am there? I will have 8 days before the wedding on the island.


    Thanks in advance image

  • Hi everyone.  

    I am getting married in June 2015.  I am also looking for a DJ and any useful tips.  I have googled groom therapy but i'm not sure if they will be very good. 


    thanks image x x

  • Hi we are getting married early august 2015 at the bourzti . We have been to skiathos 5 times so know the island well. Depending on how many guests we will either choose one of the restaurants in town or back at our accommodation in koukanaries, can't decide. I've been quoted hair make up photographer and videographer by Anastasia via Thomas Cook weddings. I'm taking a few things with me like decor, bubbles, disposable cameras for the children.  


  • melanie25melanie25 Posts: 1

    Hi everyone. Loving this thread. I am having a blessing in skiathos 2016 in June.  I have booked through Ionion weddings which have been very helpful so far... Elektra at the atrium has also been helpful. However you brides for 2015 if you find any good dancers or djs please let me know. Plus any tips 

  • TaraParisTaraParis Posts: 11

    Hello everyone,

    I'm so pleased that I have found this thread! I am hoping to get married in Skiathos in Aug 2016, I say hoping because we are just in the stages of booking it! Had a bit of bad luck with Thomsons in the sense that it took 2 hours to speak to the weddings team on the phone and still couldn't book the holiday alone. Then they had put up the price by over £1,000! Without even putting in a price for the wedding or reception! So now we are back to square one and have decided to try a different company. 

    I have been looking at skiathos weddings and Ionian weddings. I've had great contact via email with both, they have both been very interested and helpful (unlike thomson) and I was wondering if any one else could recommend either of these companies?


    I'm still unsure about what to do about all the extras such as decorations, flowers, music, transport (I'd love a horse and carriage!!) etc so I was wondering if anyone had any tips? 

    Thanks, Tara x

  • Aly2Aly2 Posts: 1

    Hi Tara

    I am in the process of booking my wedding through Ionian Weddings. I went to their offices last week and met one of the UK organisers, and she was very helpful.  We are hoping to get married June 2016.  Ionian weddings have  two wedding coordinates they use in Skiathos who will meet with you when you arrive on the Island. 


    I'm unsure about what to do about extras, Ionian do do the extras but not sure how competitive they are.  

    Have you booked your wedding  yet? 




  • TaraParisTaraParis Posts: 11

    Hi Aly, 

    Thanks for your reply. I have just emailed Stacey @ Ionian weddings this morning to try get the ball rolling. We have managed to book our hotel so now we can move forward and begin booking the wedding! I have also emailed skiathos weddings, they are competitively priced but I haven't heard as much about them.

    How are you getting on with your wedding?


    Tara x 

  • Sarah369Sarah369 Posts: 1

    Hi all,

    I got married in Skiathos last month 25th May 2015. All I can say is we had the most amazing day!!!! We booked our wedding direct with the wedding planner on the island Anastasia. This saved us a lot of money and we cut the midele man out. Anastasia is very well known in skiathos and is known as the best of the best! We also booked our own music direct with the groom therapy band and they were incredible! Very good value for what u get! We had our ceremony at the bourtzi, then got yhe kalypso boat with an arrival drink to koukanaries beach then had our reception at the Mandraki boutique hotel which is beautiful. Christina who organised our reception there was second to non, she thought of every detail and made everything look so pretty. We had 45 guests and everyone said they had a wonderful day. It was just perfect wish I could do it all again! If anyone needs and advise or contact numbers please let me know. Xx

  • Kelly102Kelly102 Posts: 1


    Just returned from our wedding on the beautiful island of skiathos, "amazing"....

    we got married using Ionian weddings, they did everything the could to make it all wonderful, when we arrived in skiathos, skiathos services took over and we met George and Anta who worked their magic and put everything into place, we got married at 3pm on the bourtzi outside the hall above the cafe, we made arrangements with the cafe to use the chairs as they don't allow you to have your wedding outside the cafe anymore, we had drinks of prosecco, water and fruit to eat after the ceremony in a VIP area of the bar whilst we waited for our boat transfer to koukanaries to the palace for our reception, 

    i arranged my own entertainment the groom therapy band  who were fantastic, we had two acoustic sets, one for the ceremony and one whilst we ate, and then they provided a dj set for the night, which went down well with all the guests,

    all in all it was one of the best days of my life, and there certainly was no better place to spend it x

  • TaraParisTaraParis Posts: 11

    Hi everyone, 

    Congratulations Kelly102 and Sarah369! I'm so pleased that you've both had fabulous weddings! It's so exciting to hear!

    Kelly, everything you have described is how we would like it! Especially with the Boourtzi and using their chairs and where to have the ceremony. Also the groom therapy band sounds great! 

    What sort of price did the groom therapy band charge?

    If either of you have pictures, I'd love to see them! 

    T x

  • Sophie-12Sophie-12 Posts: 1

    Hi all,

    congratulations to all! I too am getting married in skiathos next year September 16, myself and partner have just returned from skiathos to view a few places and the hotels were so helpful that we have just booked direct with them, it works out a lot cheaper! I have had alot of email contact with them also and they give you all details required so if your brave enough then I would definitely recommend going direct, you get to know them and vice versa so can tell them exactly what you want at a fraction of the cost! We chose kassandra bay in the end, stunning venue and views, so excited now! I have also been in touch with groom therapy who have been very helpful and prove to be quite big on the island. 

    Would really appreciate it if anyone could point me in the direction of make up artist/ hair stylist on the island though? 

    I have found that going direct for everything is the most cost effective way, and if you have time to research and sort then why not! X

  • Helen143Helen143 Posts: 2

    Hello everyone, so glad I found this site too as I only found really old post previously.  


    Congratulations to you all both those who have got married and those who are planning.  I am also getting married in Skiathos next June 2016.  Only just starting to think about plans but I have been corresponding with Anatasia for several months now.


    My ideal wedding is having a ceremony on the beach (although I think you have to officiate at the Bourtzi) and then a typical greek taverna for the reception.  I wanted very casual and laid back which I believe is possible.  I don't anticipate many guests so a hotel wasnt really appropriate for me.


    Has anyone had any problems booking a holiday to Skiathos in the last couple of weeks because of the Euro crisis?  I assume the islands are functioning as normal.  I haven't contacted any holiday company's as yet.  As for the actual wedding I am going direct to Anatasia as there is so much positive feedback from her organising weddings.


    Would love to keep in touch with the post for tips etc,


    Thanks all you fellow Greek brides x



  • niki8niki8 Posts: 1


    please could you help? I need a contact for bridal hair and make up in Skiathos. My friend who meant to do hair & make-up can't come to the wedding in Sepember,I am panicking!  

    Thank you for an help :-)

  • Joanne DJoanne D Posts: 8

    Oh my, you lot are going to have a beautiful time in skiathos. We got married here in England and then honeymooned in the kivo hotel. There was also a wedding in our hotel the same week we went. It is beautiful there. Organise quite a bit before you go as there wasn't many shops on the little island that would facilitate you like in England. Lots of beautiful cake shops and patisserie that make them daily due to heat in the summer they would not keep anyway. 

  • Julie81Julie81 Posts: 1
    Hi everyone, we are getting married next Friday (24th July at 2pm) at the Bourtzi and fly in 48 hours - we are so excited. I just wanted a bit of advice about the room at the Bourtzi where we are getting married.

    Is it nice? Is it decorated, How long does the ceremony take? Is there any hints or tips you could recommend.

    We are then after the ceremony hiring a boat to take us and 9 other guests around the island, stopping off for drinks then all going swimming. Then having our reception at the Olive Land Restaurant.

    Would be grateful for any advice.

    xx Julie81 xx
  • TaraParisTaraParis Posts: 11

    Hi everyone, 


    So pleased to hear from you all!! 


    Ahh how exciting Julie! Good luck! From what I have heard, the room at the Bourtzi is a little plain but I think you can have flowers put in there. Some companies offer the option to have it outside, which is what I'm hoping we'll get. I think the ceremony is about 30 mins long, but that's only what I've been told. I'm sure you'll have an absolutely fabulous time! 


    Helen143, I'm in the booking process with Ionian Weddings (We have booked and paid the deposit) and I would def recommend them! They have loads of options (including a bourtzi ceremoney and beach blessing, with the reception at a beach bar). We have gone for the bourtzi wedding ceremony and a reception at a taverna. Email Stacey (I have her email which I could give to you) and she could give you some ideas. 


    I do have a dilemma of my own though, if anyone could help? 


    We have booked the bourtzi wedding and a taverna reception. Has anyone heard anything about exandas or maniatis tavernas? They both look good and now I don't know which one to pick! 



    Tara x

  • Sarah390Sarah390 Posts: 3

    Hi everyone 

    I'm so excited I've found this group. We're getting married in Skiathos August 2016 at the princess hotel. Has anybody staged here or seen a wedding at the hotel. We're hopefully going out there in a couple of weeks to look around the island and sus out a few things. Any recommendations? Also hiw long do you have to be on the island before your big day? 


    Sarah x


  • Hi girls,

    Firstly I want to say thank you to everyone who has written in this stream, each and every post has been helpful and positive!

    It's safe to say I am getting rather nervous about our wedding and the lack of things that have been booked/organised, however from reading some of your posts it sounds like everything is really laid back in Skiathos? Has anyone else found this? I was informed from our wedding planner Anastasia at the initial stages that it would be like this however as I am super organised person so it all makes me feel nervous. However, all your lovely stories make me feel more relaxed. 

    I have to say anyone thinking of booking a wedding on the island, Anastasia has been brilliant up to now and always replies to our emails which really helps as we don't plan on visiting the island again until the actual wedding. 

    We get married in Skiathos next year, June 2016. However, I am really struggling to find any information on hair and make-up? Does anyone have any contact details for who they used or any Facebook profiles showing their work? I'm finding this the trickiest area to get any information. 

    Another area that is tricky is finding a photographer... can anyone recommend a good photographer? I don't really like 'posing' for photos, I much prefer the natural photos and also the abstract photos and less of the family photos. 

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

    And a big good luck to all the brides to be x

  • TaraParisTaraParis Posts: 11

    Hi (again) everyone!! 


    I can't help with the hair/make up as I think that is included in our package. But I can say that minimum residency is 8 days. If you follow this link, it is a post on trip advisor about someone who got married at the skiathos princess and said it was amazing. She also mentions a photographer on the post too! Hope it helps! 



    Tara xx


  • Sunnybride7 wrote (see post):

    Hi all 

    i'm getting married in skiathos this August and i've booked through Ionian Weddings. Is there any other brides that are getting married there too or have got married there already to share tips and advice. Also I've never been to a wedding abroad myself, so find it hard to know what to expect. I've been to skiathos 3 times, so know the island quite well ... Its just wedding details i'm struggling with! 

    Any tips or advice would be great!  Thanks 


  • Sarah395Sarah395 Posts: 2

    Hello! I'm really pleased to find this thread. I am too planning my wedding in Skiathos (Aug 2016). So far I'm thinking Skiathos Palace ceremony and reception. Speaking to Anastasia for all the extras. Will be visiting in 2 weeks for a reccy and will update you all with what I find out when I get back! x

  • Ahh brilliant thread!

    We are hoping to book our wedding for next August 2016 in skiathos it's great to hear that post people are going through the same as me!

    I think the residency in skiathos doesn't matter too much, the hotels will tell you 8 days so that you have to stay for 2 weeks. So watch out for that!

    It is really difficult I think to book a wedding abroad! It takes alot of emailing! And I'm super fussy and need to be organised so I'm stressing out. We also liked the look of Bourtzi, but not sure where to have the reception yet. We have small children so would like some where they could run about! 


  • The areas I'm finding really tricky to find good people for are photographers and hair & make-up. I have looked online/Facebook but I'm really struggling to find websites which show you portfolios. I want someone who has a modern take on weddings not a traditional look. I have even contacted friends who live Skiathos who also can't recommend. I have found photographers but hair & make-up seems inexistent on the island???  

    Can anyone recommend any of the above? Has anyone used someone in the past. 

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. 


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