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Are you wearing Ebano by Pronovias?

Hello there,

This is a bit of a request really: are any of you Brides-to-be out there wearing this dress on your wedding day or do you know someone who is?

I tried this dress on a while ago and totally fell in love with it but I just can't afford the RRP of £1200.

I'm now getting desperate and considering doing a Trinny and Suzannah at the Pronovias warehouse and nicking one of the dresses but I have a fear of heights and really don't want to be arrested!!!

Can anyone help?!:\?



  • Ha I am wearing this dress!!

    Are you getting married abroad?
  • mmnp4jj3mmnp4jj3 Posts: 91
    Hi Kirst&Paul,

    No, I'm getting married in the Lake District next year!

    You say you're wearing this dress ey?! You don't happen to be a size 8 (or even a 10), and you're not thinking of selling it on any time soon are you??!!!

    Because that would be fab!

    Great taste by the way!!;\)


  • Hey,

    lake district why did you post on weddings abroad??! LOL

    I am wearing it on the 29th Sept in Scotland

    I am a size 6/8 - I love it!!!! ts such a beautiful dress
  • mmnp4jj3mmnp4jj3 Posts: 91
    Did I post on the weddings abroad!? I think I must have been on the second glass of cherry!

    Have a fantastic time Kirt&Paul, not long now!

    PS - Let me know if you want to sell your dress - it's fab - I'd snap it straight up!!:\)

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