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Going abroad :D maybe Cyprus!

So me and other half have decided that a wedding abroad is the way to go for us and I am super excited! We are mostly looking at Cyprus and just wondering if anyone else is planning their wedding there or has been to one there? We really liked the look of the Alexander the Great hotel. Not really sure whether to book through Thomson's or a wedding planner in Cyprus?

Any advice is appreciated! We aren't getting married until july 2016, so thinking it might be a little too soon to book at the moment?


Thanks! image xx




  • Jo35Jo35 Posts: 305

    Hi we're not getting married in Cyprus were going to Zante , I would definitely recommend using a planner as they will know all the legal ins and outs and there is always somebody to contact if I've got any questions we have booked our holiday through Thomsons then found an independent planner to sort the wedding ,I imagine you could do it yourself but personally I preferred to do it this way , 


  • NJRNJR Posts: 81

    I have heard alot of bad things about using travel agents. 

    I am getting married in Cyprus next year and have booked through Paphos Weddings Made Easy, drop them an email and will be able to answer all your questions without putting a pressure on at all xx

  • Hello Paris, 

    Well done on maybe choosing Cyprus! It is a wonderful island full of sun, sand and amazing weddingsimage I am from Cyprus and I am biased really as I love the island so much, but it is great as it has something to offer to everyoneimage Alexander the great offers stunning venues, very very private and romantic so ideal for those who want full privacy and intimacy in their wedding day. Oh and for your reception, it offers a STUNNING terrace overlooking the Medieval castle, perfect for your wedding picturesimage 

    I myself am a wedding planner who is originally from Cyprus and we plan lots of weddings all over the island! We create personalized wedding packages to match your needs and wants and we include in them as much and as little as you wantimageOur packages can include, full wedding planning and coordination, hair, make up, photographers, videographers, decoration, flowers and so much more.We will give you to choose your own photographer, videographer, flowers etc with full freedom and power as it is your wedding and you are the one who we want to make entirely happy. If you are interested check out our FB and website and drop me an email or  a call and I would be more than happy to assistimage 

    We already started bookings for 2015 and 2016! xxx

    Email: [email protected]

    Tel: 07446834967

  • heliganedenheliganeden Posts: 1,848

    We got married in Cyprus last year, I did a lot of research and we went with an independant planner rather than a travel agent, we used Linda from Total Paphos Weddings

    An independent planner gives you a personal service and more flexibility, we could pick and choose whatever we wanted as we would've done in the UK - with a travel agent it tends to be pretty inflexible and give you a set package, rather than being able to put your own stamp on the wedding day. I've also heard of people booking through travel agents not being given their wedding date or time until really close to the time - sometimes not until they'd already arrived abroad!!

    We booked our wedding via the planner, our holiday seperately as we would've done any normal holiday, and let our guests make their own plans. We let them know where we were staying if they fancied joining us, but didn't do a group booking - some people chose to stay elsewhere, everyone has different budgets and likes/needs, I didn't want to overcomplicate things by getting involved in individual travel plans image

    We went to a wedding in Cyprus the year before we got married and viewed quite a few venues, and the other wedding we went to was on the Sea Star yacht - feel free to ask any questions!



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  • Nat5Nat5 Posts: 14

    I'm getting married in Cyprus in July, so excited! It is such a beautiful country so you've most certainly made the right choice! I booked through Thomson, my wedding planner here in the UK has been most unhelpful. But the staff based in Cyprus have so far been fantastic! Good luck with the planning!

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    Happy Planning!

  • hi we have booked our wedding in Ayia Napa and used Love Cyprus Weddings. Stacey was really helpful and took care of all the info needed for documents made it really easy for us. we are getting married in june this year. i reccommend them their website is x

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