Wedding in Portugal under £10,000

Hi everyone,

I am really confused and need some help please, im a newbie to all of this! 

We went to the National Wedding show on Friday looking to speak to the Wedding organiser at the Grecian Park hotel in Cyprus as we had stayed at this hotel in 2011 and loved it, however we have now been put off slightly as they book 2 weddings in a day image

While we were there we tried to speak to the lady at Planet weddings about weddings in Portugal but she had a gentleman there who was from a Hotel in Cyprus and she was very intent on advertising this hotel with us and didnt get much time to speak about other venues.

We have now come away with a lot of leaflets, information etc and really love the wedding venues in Portugal however looking into it they seem quite pricey once everything is added up.

Our budget is £10,000 for a civil wedding and our accommodation and we are looking to get somewhere private, luxurious, nice views and great food for under £10,000 with around 35 guests, is this possible? 



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    I am getting married at quinta jacintina in may this year. It is an exclusive boutique hotel. 

    For our flights, accomodation, food and drink, flowers, ceremony fees and wedding planning fees it is costing us £8000, with rings, suits, dresses and honeymoon its around £12k my parents have bought my dress. 

    It is an english run hotel and the staff are fab x 

  • Thank you LeaB,

    I had a look at the place you are getting married and it is beautiful!!!

    Are your guest staying at the hotel too? Did you use a wedding planner? Did you view the place in person before booking? x


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    Hey, we booked the hotel in October 2012 and went to visit in April 2013 and have just come back from finalising the details.

    The hotel has 11 rooms so yes some are staying at the hotel, they also have 2 x villas close by that can be used. Other guests are staying in different hotels.

    Guests are paying for 1 week half board at the hotel £580 each.

    They have their own wedding planner called susanna - i can pass you her email if you are interested.

    They offer 2 nights free accomodation when you have booked to go plan also image

    anymore info give me a shout


  • Hello - we are in the early stages of planning a wedding in Portugal also, First we need to see if it is affordable. There seems to be a lack of any pricing information anywhere!

    We really like Lady of The Rock - has anyone else got married here and where did you have the reception afterwards?

    we really want an informal reception like a buffet BBQ not a sit down meal and ideally on the beach.

    Also has anyone got any information on having the reception at Villas D'Agua? There is nothing on the website but I read a review on tripadvisor that someone had their wedding there! We stopped in Olhos D'Agua last year so really liked that area....


  • Ah Thankyou LeaB,

    Did you organised your own photographer etc or did the Hotel do all of that?

    We really liked the idea of booking a villa big enough to have close family stay in for a week and hold everything at the villa but not sure whether you can have a civil wedding at some of these "wedding" villas, we are waiting to hear back from a few companies. 

    Some of the Hotel weddings in Portugal are beautiful but you normally have to stay in the hotel for 7 nights which brings the cost of the wedding up as as some can be quite pricey! 

    Jagger86- I am just trying to contact as many places as possible to find out prices. Have you thought about contacting a wedding planner? Does anyone know roughly how much wedding planners charge? 


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    I did the photographer, band, hair and make up through the hotel wedidng planner, but organised the cake and flowers myself.


    Yes i think they have to be registered to hold a civil ceremony.

    Quinta Jacintina, let you hire the hotel as a villa or a hotel and also from 1 - however many days you wish to stay.

    Wedding planners are around £800

  • yes I have contacted quite a few wedding planners a couple have got back to me. They all seem to have just big hotels on their portfolio though and a hotel is not something we are looking for.

    i have managed to find out that Lady of The Rock is around 2000 euros I think but we just need to find a reception venue! 



  • Hi Jagger86,

    I too contacted a few different planners and found that a lot of them primarily showed big hotels which we didnt want at all. We wanted a venue to suit a smaller number and to be more intimate. I contacted Algarve Weddings by Rebecca who emailed me details of some smaller venues and met with her last year and found our venue! We are going out again to Portugal this summer to try the food and have make up trial etc - I couldn't recommend Rebecca more. 

    Have you any idea of the area you would like the reception? How many guests are you having? x

  • hello - thanks for your reply, I started speaking to Rebecca a couple of days ago and already she has got the venue spot on!  

    we are looking at roughly 50 guests - just needed to see if we could find an affordable venue before we let everyone know our big plans! We are having a baby in August so won't be going out until next year but I've fell in love with the venue already! Really impressed with Rebecca - how exciting x

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    Hi just paid the final balance of your wedding and its just shy of £7000 but this includes ceremony,reception dj,food free bar ,cake flowers,transport video of ceremony,reception,200 photos hair,makeup for 36 guests , this is in santorini greese but I no you want somewhere else but have a look at the packages the company do there called ionian weddings , my venues if your interested are dana villas ,theros wave bar the 2 are exclusive for us ,good luck I remember being in your shoes last year but believe me you learn quick and I think I can speak for most  brides your buy far more than you intended lol I have 2 of everything 

  • Hi destination bride,

    If I was you I would email Planet Weddings and say you really like the look of Portugal. I have seen they have some fabulous venues and if I wasn't already married I'd go there. I've always liked the idea of my own castle!


    Good Luck!

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    Good choice on Portugal,

    I was the same In regards to not wanting a big venue, got intouch with a few planners but we went with Rebecca - Algarve Weddings, cant speak highly enough she really knew what we were looking for, we went over for our holiday in September last year and Rebecca couldn't do enough showed us round so many venues, including several villas, we went with a boutique hotel in Lagos which has stunning views. Good luck with your hunt image x

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