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first choice/thomson reviews

Has anyone used first choice/thomson to book there wedding and the extra bits? Found old reviews on here n not good ones at that.

We are booking in april for st elias gardens protaras.


Can anyone help with a up to date review please x


  • Hi Lisa,


    Ive booked my wedding with Thomson. My advise to you is that Thomson Weddings team are helpful but i recommend not using a store. We went into the travel agents and booked the wedding and to cut a long story short we only just managed to get married within our holiday as they messed around with our booking form.

    To be fair on Thomson since then have been helpful but only through the weddings team.

    The reason I went with them is because I wanted my wedding to be protected so god forbid if there was volcanic dust etc my wedding could just be moved and was completely insured and covered.

    I know that is unlikely but i am a worrier !

    My advise to you is to shop around actual wedding planners in protaras because they know what they are doing - they deal with weddings daily where you want to get married.

    Im just glad I know the people at my hotel where im getting married otherwise I would be a mess. I just turn to them now rather than Thomson!!!! Don't expect them to care about your big day either at Thomson because they have know empathy with how important this day is for you.

    For example - they have a bride and groom incentive - I have enough to sort out and when my guests booked with thomson they provided thomson with our wedding reference so that it was recorded so any freebies we would get. I rang them last week and only one booking has been registered. So now I have to speak to my guests get the booking reference and lead names and send them all to Thomson !! Im doing all the legwork when it should have been done already!!

    Let me know what you decide ! xxx

  • Thank you and I will let you no.

    When is your wedding? Have you booked any extras or done the extra bits your self (photos, hair, make up, transport) x

  • lozza45lozza45 Posts: 6

    Hi we booked our wedding through first choice/thomson before looking into everything. Its so much easier to do it yourself and cheaper! The extras are very expensive and ive ended up booking my own photographer,  hair and makeup and wedding reception venue.  

    There is a page on facebook called cyprus brides to be and its fantastic. You can get all the info you need from there.

    Good luck x

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