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Ibiza wedding planning

Hi there

I am recently engaged, and my partner and I have decided to have the ceremony (blessing) in ibiza and do the legal side of it somewhere else (still deciding on that).

The blessing for us is the most important part, as that's where we will be inviting our close family and friends to celebrate with us. I'm just a bit confused as to who I should book it through.

I have an appointment in April with Thomsons, but after doing some research on the internet, I've heard some stories of the hassles with tour operators organising the wedding and I don't want any issues - I want to keep it as stress free as possible!

So... my question is... do I go ahead with Thomsons, or can anyone recommend a decent wedding planning company who deals with Ibiza blessings, but won't cost the earth?

We want something on a beach, BBQ, and the ceremony and reception in the same place.

Any help would be appreciated



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