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Whether you and your groom want to jet off to your favourite Med hangout for a cultural adventure or be whisked away to a tropical retreat where you can check-in and chill-out in the lap of luxury, join this exclusive honeymoon webchat to see how you can make your dream wedding abroad a reality.

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  • Hello- I've recently just got engaged and my partner and I are looking at marrying abroad! We're a bit worried about the older people in our family but we want to keep it a small affair. I've always loved Greece and Turkey and have loved sailing in the Agean- I would love to get your opinion of the perfect Greek island to marry- easily accessibly i.e. airport on island and cheap often flights key, plus obviously the most secluded romantic island, rustic and very traditionally Greek.  Thanks image Judy

  • Hi, my fiance and I have been looking at wedding options and we'd both really love to get married outside. We've looked at options in the UK but are worried about the weather, so we are now considering going abroad. Greece would be perfect for the weather but I don't really fancy getting married on a beach. Do we have the option to get married in a garden or other outdoor location? Also, neither of us are religious, would Greece law allow us to have a civil ceremony? Thanks, Lucie.

  • Hi there, I am still in the early planning stages but I am really keen for a Greek wedding (I think Lindos in Rhodes looks beautiful) but my husband is taking some convincing. His main issue is that we won't be properly married. Can you explain how the legal side of getting married in Greece work please? Do will still have to post a declaration of marriage at home first? Do we get a wedding certificate that is recognised in the UK? etc.

  • Yes Alex- I too need to understand more about the legalities as this isn't something I've looked into yet!


  • Hi, just wondering if there are there any extra costs to getting married outside of the UK which you wouldn't encounter here?  Also I like the idea of getting married abroad but feel that I wouldn't be able to have all of my guests there because it would cost so much?  Thanks

  • Oh no I hadn't even thought about the legal side of things Alex - I assumed it would be fine as Greece is part of the EU? I don't want to go to all the trouble of planning a wedding and then it isn't legal back home! Planning a wedding is so complicated, we just want something small and simple but there's so much to think about isn't there?

  • Hi everyone, welcome to our webchat!

    Here are the answers to the questions posted so far...

    Hi Judy, it's hard to choose the best Greek island but based on your requirements I would suggest Kefalonia or Santorini.  Both are very different.  Kefalonia offers weddings in wineyards, an underwater lake, gardens and seculded beaches. A popular reception choice is to hire an area in a rustic beachfront taverna, with local food and wine and optional local musicians or a DJ. It is a green island with many traditional villages. Santorini is more dramatic - a volcanic island with the traditional white and blue arhcitecture, all built on top of a cliff.  Venues here tend to take advantage of the spectacular views and we also have private beach bars, villas, wineries and much much more.  Both Santorini and Kefalonia have direct flights from the UK with a range of airlines.  Have you considered either of these islands before?

    Hi Lucie, first of all, all weddings that we organise in the Greek islands and our other Mediterranean locations are legally recognised in the UK.. We have so many outdoor locations to choose from, for example gardens, wineries, lakes, private villas, terraces with views, chapels, historic buildings etc....did you have anything particular in mind?

    Hi Alex your wedding will be recognised in the UK.  There are some documents to obtain before you go but it is very straightforward and we have a paperwork service that takes care of everything for you.  The wedding certificate will need translating on your return but we can help with that.

    Hi Lisa actually weddings abroad are generally much cheaper than a wedding in the UK. The average cost of one of our weddings for say 40 guests including the wedding itself, flowers, photographer, transfers, local paperwork, venue hire, reception, food, drink, entertainment is less than £5000 and many of our weddings cost only around £2500.  As long as you give your guests plenty of notice they are usually very happy to come to a wedding overseas, they just make it their annual holiday.  The great thing about the Greek islands and the rest of the Mediterranean is that they are a very short flight from the UK and have relatively cheap accommodation.  

  • Thanks and what locations do you cover?  I am right at the beginning of the planning so I have plenty of time to tell guests - do you offer flights and accommodation for the guests as part of a package?  Thanks

  • Hi Lisa, we cover the Greek islands, Cyprus, Italy, Malta & Croatia.  We can book accommodation for you and your guests.  We don't book flights but these are easily booked directly online with easyjet, BA etc

  • My friend got married in Cyprus a few years ago and got married at the hotel and then had a reception on a catamaran. Can you organise something like that?

  • Hi, I'm not sure yet exactly what we would like (and will need to confer with my OH) but will have a look at what's available. A historic building might be nice if it had a good outdoor area, what sort of thing do you have? Also would we be able to have a non-religious ceremony? I'm so glad that it's all legal in the UK, that's one thing to stop worrying about!

  • Hi Pinknails yes absolutely, we can arrange hotel weddings in all our destinations and a catamaran reception in Cyrprus (you can also have a ceremony on a catamaran too)


  • Hi Lucie we have beautiful castles, palaces, cloisters, all with outdoor areas for ceremonies/receptions


  • Oh really - I hadn't thought about a ceremony on the catamaran... Is this available in the Greek Islands as although I liked Cyprus I think I prefer Greece


  • Thanks I'll look on your website and speak to my OH about it. As we'd only want an outdoor wedding we'd want to guarantee sunshine. Is there an island or venue that would be best for this? And what's the most popular time of year to get married in Greece?

  • Hi Pinknails in Greece we offer more traditional/sailing boat options but yes it is possible


  • Hi Lucie although we can never 100% guarantee the weather, all of the islands have a very sunny climate. Generally the further south you go the better so in Greece, Rhodes, Crete, Santorini etc and also Cyprus. Our busiest month is June as it's cheaper than say July & August, really good weather and not too busy

  • Thanks that's really helpful, I think we'd be looking at the southern islands then and maybe Cyprus. Now the difficult bit will be me and my OH agreeing on a venue!

  • Thanks - do you have any testimonials from other couples?

  • Hi Lucie, best of luck, feel free to contact our team of experts at http://www.ionianweddings.co.uk/contact-us/ 


  • Hi Lisa, yes we have hundreds of testimonials, see here http://www.ionianweddings.co.uk/testimonials/ and also our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/IonianWeddings 

  • Hi, I have booked my wedding at the lindos princess can you help me at all in finding somewhere nearby to have a reception for approx 40 guest x

  • Just want to say i had my wedding in Santorini last year with Ionian weddings, they are amazing, it was the most perfect day and i cant recommend them highly enough. xxx

  • becks38becks38 Posts: 63

    Hi Ionian weddings!!

    My sister has just got engaged and would love to get married either on a beach or in a nice beach side bar in Greece. Only problem is that she would want it private- no one walking past her on the beach during the service or sunbathing in their bikini's. Any suggestions?? We did look at a lovely beach side bar in Santorini but was working out too expensive (she is likely to have quite a few guests).

    Any advice would be much appreciated!!

    Thanks, Becky

  • Hi Becky, we'd be delighted to help you.  My colleague Stacey can send you some ideas, just send us a message with your dates,  number of guests budget etc - here is the link http://www.ionianweddings.co.uk/contact-us/ she's looking forward to hearing from you!

  • Hello FamilyontourRhodes - our Rhodes specialist Stacey can help you, if you could send details to http://www.ionianweddings.co.uk/contact-us/ she'll look out for your message!

  • bELINDAbELINDA Posts: 1

    My partner and I recently hired a company called IAS NIKA Travel to plan our wedding which became the biggest mistake of our lives. Once we had transferred the money (they request you pay in full upfront), everything went down hill. We were extremely unhappy with the quality of service and professionalism. When we expressed concern that their quotes were beyond our budget they discontinued service, accusing us of insulting them. This then lead to them cancelling our contract, as per their Terms and Conditions, they can cancel for 'whatever' reason and keep the cash. They haven't returned our money, ceased communication and we're now forced to seek compensation with the UK courts and plan a wedding at the same time.
    There's plenty of other wedding planning business's around Croatia with many great reviews, good luck!

  • EmrwilsEmrwils Posts: 16

    Hi Ionian Weddings,

    i am trying to book our wedding at Malcesine Castle in Lake Garda, Italy and having real difficulties getting hold of anybody. I have sent four emails this week to three different email addresses and still no response. I just wondered if you have ever organised a wedding in Malcesine and if so, how did you find their contact? I would just like to get a date booked for June 2015 so that we can start planning the rest of our wedding.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



  • I have just booked my wedding in Sorrento with Ionian Weddings and cannot wait!! image

    We are getting married in the San Francesco Cloisters with the reception in the Lemon gardens restaurant!!

  • KayjayKayjay Posts: 3

    Hello! We are looking to get married abroad and were interested in aiya napa in cyprus or perhaps in Greece ( we have never been to Greece ) in Greece we are very unsure on areas, we will have a 2 year old with us if that helps we would love a point in the right direction! We want all inclusive and short haul if there are any other destinations you can think of other than Greece and Cyprus we would love to hear them! Thank you! Xxx

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