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Hi, basically me and my partner have decided that a wedding cyprus is the wedding for us. Firstly my nan lives in cyprus so is there any point me getting a planner, she's a very intelligent woman and would love to help. Also im just confused generally how a wedding works in a hotel. So for example i booked with thomas cook and wanted the wedding in the hotel, but my guests stopped in different cheaper hotels, do i have to pay for them to come watch the ceremony? Also if i decided to have the reception in the hotel too do i just pay for there meal and drinks like i would with a uk reception, or do you pay for the meal and drinks plus a fee per person to kind of enter the hotel? Sorry for the questions, i basically just want a nice ceremony over looking the beach, then a separate place to have a wedding breakfast (bbq) then a dj and some kind of evening food. 

Thanks in advance 

(please can i not have wedding planners pretending to be genuine people planning a wedding replying please) 



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    I'm getting married at the olympic lagoon, and paying €52 for each guest for entrance and a drinks pass, a food and drink pass is €72 I think. With the food pass you can eat at the all inclusive restaurants, but if you want a seep rate meal at one of their wedding locations you pay around €50 each extra.

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    I'm getting married in Protaras, I booked through Thomsons, the staff here in the UK have been horrendous and not helpful at all. Although I can't fault the staff based in Cyprus.Our guests, not staying at our hotel, get free entry, plus a 25% discount on drinks. I then pay a price per head for each guests to have a waiter serviced, 3 course meal, in our own private area. We are having the whole day at the hotel. But there are loads of nice taverners you can go to and I know hotels can just do the ceremony for you. I would have a chat with your nan - I bet she knows some beautiful places. Speak to her first and see if she's happy to take on the organising, as there will be a lot to do, so she might prefer to just be a guest. But you've got a great starting point! Good luck.

  • Hi I am a wedding videographer here in Cyprus and I have to say that in my experience, a good wedding planner is money very well spent!  There are loads of fab planners here to talk you through everything from the official stuff to the chair sashes!image

    Have you decided which end of the island you are marrying? I agree, maybe have a chat with your nan - she should have a good idea of some nice places.

    Depending on the hotel you choose you may find that you share your wedding day with other brides which some may not mind. But some do. Do you want your wedding watched by sunbathers in speedos (who sometimes accidentally get into the photos)? These are questions you really should be asking, if it is something that might bother you. Additionally, some hotels insist you use their own suppliers (florists, DJs, photographers, cakes etc.), so you may not have too much choice about these things if you do not like the ones they use, especially if you have firm ideas about how you want your day to look.

    There are other venues to choose from, beach, church etc. which might be more private.

    I have filmed a number of weddings at The Garden of Eden which is a restaurant and wedding venue in Ayia Napa. And Jackie is a wonderful planner. This is their website: 

    If I can help in any way with advice or information, I would be pleased to. Just shoutimage


    Brenda xx



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