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Hi, weve decided to get married in a town hall in Paphos. But im struggling in finding a place to have the reception. Im after either somewhere where i can use an outside caterer/chef, or a modern venue/restaurant. Id like it to be on the beach front if possible. Can anyone recommend anywhere?

Thanks in advance

Amy x


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    We had our reception at the Elea Estate, it's a private venue and the food is incredible - it's also not crazy expensive image We struggled to find something on the sea front that wasn't a hotel and we wanted a private venue so it was perfect for us

    Or, my friends had theirs on the Sea Star yacht, and we sailed out to sea for the meal, reception & dancing, which was amazing


  • iv already looked at elea as  you told me a few years ago about that but its out of our price range.  Im probably best finding somwhere that i can use outside caterers.


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    We have a private villa and caterers coming to serve a three course seated menu I have created with the caterers. 







  • i did think about hiring a villa, but i dont think id want it for the full 10 days. Have you any ideas of prices for hiring a luxury villa? x

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    Hi Mrsyerrell, I'm hiring for 7 days and then taking 3 days as a mini moon with my new husband elsewhere. it is 6 bedrooms, but even if it was 12 we would have filled it as everyone was keen to stay. The rooms soon go if counter in bridesmaids (2 rooms) best man (1) my parents (1) and grandparents (1) H2B family will get another villa so can all fit together.
    I'm hiring through and the prices are all listed on the website, some of them have 5% or 10% discounts on if you book within a certain time. xxx hope this helped

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    Ours is £3,510 so divided equally over the six rooms is £585 for a room for the week, so on the twins doubles thats £292.50pp for a weeks luxury accomodation. My villa has a studio under it which includes a double and bunk beds which my sister will have with her children, but split equally to make everything simple.

    I don't think that less than 300 for a weeks accomodation is bad tbh, and nobody has complained - all been pleasently surprised to be honest. Obviously we have flights to pay for on top of this but should still be pretty cost effective.

    Hope this helps too image xx

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