we both are looking at having our wedding 2015 in santorini - we are going out there this year in may however there are a lot of companies offering packages and i would like to hear feedback you have good or bad - i was looking at planet holidays as they seem to be an established company but yet to see what packages they can offer. we are looking at spending around 7-10 k and have 30 guests and a civil wedding.

look forward to your help


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    Hi I'm getting married in santorini in May this year the planners are idioni weddings it has cost me around 7g for the hole package with 40  guests and private hire of both ceremony,reception witch are at danna villas , theros wave bar the price includes everything from flowers,cake photos video and food drink we have a free bar , also I have been chatting to a girl on here who is getting married in July out in Santorini and she has gone with santorini weddings that seem very good as well good luck and if you need any help I'm happy to share x

  • Hi there, Yes like Lola28 said, I am getting married in Santorini on the beach at Theros wave bar in July. We are using Michael from weddings-in-santorini and the have been really helpful. And Lola28 has been giving me lots of tips and ideasimage


  • hi Lola , that sounds brilliant - could you advise a name of who you are talking to in idioni weddings? my gf suddenly became interested when the idea of a free bar was mentioned - did you go out there before hand?

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    Haha yes it's lameez she is the one I'm dealing with here then when you get over there you get another planner and that stay with you the whole day of the wedding , I didn't feel we needed to go in the end as I have seen so meny pics on you tube and vids also you get to go to taste ,food,cake,,flowers,and visit the venues before hand , but if we could of afforded to have popped out there we would of , you need to book asap as both these venues get booked very quickly , also I forgot to add the deposit on the price so it was nearer 8g but no expense sperd , that also includes dj for 7 hours. there no is 02088941991 there based in Twickenham so if your in London you could pop in , please let them know Mandy ,Danny recommend you that may give me a bottle of bubbly lol , when I'm May are you out there your more than welcome to crash the wedding to see it for yourself , my wedding is 21 May 

    Good luck Mandy xx


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    I spelt the name wrong is ionian wedding , also I book hotel on my own it worked out cheaper  we are staying at kamari beach hotel in kamari the other islands are very hilly and kamari is flat and you don't need a car , there's lots of us so Dident want a convoy every eve to take us out hope this helps mandyxx


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    I'm getting married at Dana villas this August and we are using Michael at weddings-in-Santorini. 

    Hes been very helpful and honest so far!

  • I got married last May in Santorini. We also used Ionian Weddings they were fantastic image

    We got married at St Irene and had our reception at Theros Wave Bar, it is amazing there.  We had 25 guests.  Our package came the 5000 which included a free bar, cake, hair, transport for the guests to and from the venues, photogropher, paperwork fees, planner fees, decoration, cake, exclusive hire of the reception venue.  It was amazing image xxxx

  • Hello girls and congratulations to all!! well i have found the perfect planner from my friend who got married in Santorini and was the best marriage i have ever been to!you can check and i am sure you will get all the information about your wedding ! enjoy planning !



  • Hi I am getting married in Santorini, this summer. I have as my wedding planner Olympia Giannopoulou. She is just perfect, so calm and she is in her toes every time. Also the pricing is logical. You can check for her at or Marryme in Greece

    Good luck to you and enjoy your planning.


  • Hello,

    Love your story. Santorini... wow. Lovely. The beach...

    About the planning... have you thought of wedding invitations?

    I got an invitation to a friend's wedding that was... WOW!!!

    Painted in watercolor, handmade, gorgeous. The person does them custom order designed on the wedding theme of the client. If you are interested give me a message.

    Good luck with planning the wedding.

  • Hi Oana,


    Where your friend did the invitations,, can you sent me the name of a contact email?

    or a site I can look at?


    Many many thanks



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