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Hi ladies,

I have just ordered my invites and will print my own information cards to include in them.... I am stuck as to what I need to say, other than what is obviously on the full invite (Date time location etc)

So far I am thinking, cash only bar, dress code and that we don't want any gifts....

I am sending invites a year ahead so people have as much notice as possible, so I need to include everything they will need to know.

Please help me conquer my mental block!!!! image xx


  • how about local taxi, hotel information, things to do in the area if some guests are travelling a long way they might want to make a weekend of it. x

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    It's in Coral Bay, Cyprus and most guests are coming from UK so yes definitely. I wasn't sure about recommending hotels as there are hundreds to choose from, but I suppose I could give a few as pointers.

    thanks image

  • I created invites for a Greek Wedding and there was a lot of details to be put into the information cards - the B2B actually had an entire A4 page of info!

    The sections we devised were:

    1. Where to Stay - Details on the reception venue hotel and 4 other hotel suggestions (incl addresses and contact details)
    2. Wedding Ceremony Venue details
    3. Tourist Information - (as some people were staying before and after the Wedding) This included how to get around the city and some popular visiting sites
    4. Flight Booking, Flight Operators and Airports
    5. Car Rentals
    6. Gift Information

    I would recommend giving as much information as possible for an overseas Wedding, especially info on when to book flights (ie cheapest or before they sell out) as this tends to be especially helpful for people who don't want to spend hours doing internet research.

    Feel free to PM me if you need more help image


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    Hi Dust & Things - that is so helpful, thank you very much. I definitely hope I won't get to a whole a4 page!!! I agree more the better but I don't want to daunt or drown lol!!
    I may take you up on that offer when I come to writing them in a couple of weeks when I no doubt get stuck!!! thank you xxxxx

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