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Certificate of No impediment

Hi there,

  My partner and I have arranged a date to be married on september 27th 2014 in Santorini however we are faced with one problem that I was hoping you could assist us in? We both work on Cruise Ships and must apply for a Certificate of No impediment, the problem is that our contracts are 4 months long and the certificate would expire before the wedding with no chance to renew it in time for our wedding. Are you able to advise us what we must do in order to continue with our wedding plans? If it helps any, I am Scottish and she is English, we can provide evidence of our jobs to validate why would need an Certificate with a longer time of 3 months.   Any Ideas???


  • Aesha2013Aesha2013 Posts: 44

    Can you arrange to visit a British Embassy when you are in one destination and pick it up then next time you call?  I assume you do a cycle/programme.  Send me a message and I'll try and help you.

  • heliganedenheliganeden Posts: 1,848

    Have you checked if the certificate has to be witnessed by a solicitor in the UK or could it be done elsewhere? Over the 4 month contract will you be docking anywhere you could get it done?

  • SantoCSantoC Posts: 27

    Hi there, 

    Contact either your local register (in the area where you reside when on land) and ask them for their advice.  Or email the Greek embassy and see what they can recommend?

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