Does anyone know of good villas in Coral Bay Area???

Hello everyone,

I need some help! We are getting married at the Coral Beach Hotel & Resort next May and have about 80 guests coming. They will be staying all over the Coral Bay Area, but I was wondering if anyone knows of any villas that are very close to the hotel that I can recommend to my favourite guests who I want to be near!!

If anyone has any other info about Coral Bay (hotel or area) that would be appreciated too!





  • donna24577donna24577 Posts: 2,906
    HI I can recommend Venus villas, they have loads scattered around and also Cypria villas, i have stayed with both
  • kathysukkathysuk Posts: 518
    Hi Claire, I would have said cypria villas too, I'm sure that company also offers free car hire with the Villa too, which is a real bargain!

    ps Hi Donna!

    Kathy x
  • kategriffithkategriffith Posts: 513
    Hi Clare,

    we get married at the Coral Beach Hotel & Resort in 45 days time, we have a few people staying in Villas - I can report back to youin 50 odd days time.

    Kate x
  • Hi

    I'm getting married in Ayia Napa next May and we booked our villa's from the Owner's Direct website, we booked our own flights and saved a packet doing it this way.
  • IanDBIanDB Posts: 510
    Hi Claire

    these are the hotel & Apts around Coral Bay, sorry don't know any villa's

    118 Aqua Sol Tourist Villages

    58 Ascos Beach Hotel

    95 Neptune Apts Hotel Apts

    72 Marion Hotel

    67 Thalassa Hotel

    60 Horizon Hotel

    57 Leptos Coral Beach Hotel

    86 Corallia Beach Apts Hotel Apts

    103 Panaretis Coral Bay Hotel Apts

  • boogalou78boogalou78 Posts: 277
    Hi Claire

    We used a company called villaplus last year when we went to portugal the villa was superb, it had a private pool, table tennis table, pool table and lots more, the service was great.

    They are now doing villas for rent in Cyprus now, including Coral Bay, we would have used them again but did not realise they were starting to do them in Cyprus and we had already booked our apartments and flights ( bit gutted ).

    Anyway have a look at there website We did not book our flights through them as found them cheaper elsewhere.

    Hope you find what you are looking for.

    Emma x
  • sallysimpson1sallysimpson1 Posts: 1,491
    Hi, we stayed at Crown Resorts Hotel in Coral Bat which was very nice. There are also loads of nice villas around there. Have a look at

    If you want something really romantic to do go on the Catermaran for a day. It leaves from Paphos. an you spend the day on there, with meals included and drinks (all alcohol) until the evening.

    It is realy romantci, when the sun goes dow (you watch the sunset over the sea, they light tea lights on the boat as you sail back into paphos. It was one o the most romantic days I have ever had!

  • cleemorancleemoran Posts: 122
    Thats fab!

    I've got lots to go on there - thanks everyone!


  • donna24577donna24577 Posts: 2,906
    Hi Cyprusbride2be!!

    How are you?

    Yes Cypria villas do, include car hire, although tbh, it may be cheaper going with George from Rentacar, if your a member of pp you can get info from there.

    If you don't take the option of the car with cypria villas they will deduct the cost. I found the owner of the company, another george fantastic and nothing was to much trouble for himk
  • IanDBIanDB Posts: 510
    Hi Claire

    give me a day or so might have some villa's to rent for you

  • wedcowedco Posts: 268
    Here's a couple of websites that might help:

    Good luck

    Kerry x
  • IanDBIanDB Posts: 510
    Hi Claire

    as promised try

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