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What Kind of Wedding Dress

I ned some help, I'm getting married in Cyprus next September, can anyone advise what kind of dress would suit the Cyprus climate?


Gem xx


  • i am getting married in may i have gone for a full wedding dress but wearing a underskirt so nothing is on my legs the air can flow through. any kindof dress would be fine. my friend is wearing something very floaty it just depends on what you suit. and i tried on about 70 dresses of all shapes and styles but you will know when a dress is the one
  • I'm getting married in 8 weeks in Cuba. Having previously been at the same time I know how hot & humid it will be. I have still gone for a full dress as this was THE dress for me, if THE dress would have been floaty then i would have got that. But THE dress was a full one & i know if I hadn't gone for that one it would always have been in my mind. I say if you find THE dress go for it
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    thanks girls, i won't be looking for a few months yet as i need to get myself into shape before i try any on

    gem xx
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    Welcome to the site! Im getting married in Cyprus in 8 weeks and my dress is a fitted mermaid style. The fabric is very light so may help with the heat (as if!!)

    As the other girls have said i didnt take that into consideration in choosing my dress and you'll know if its the ONE, wedding dresses are strange like that...Someone on here said that silk is the best material for keeping you cool, hope that helps

    Happy searching

    jayn x

  • Hi!

    We're getting married in Cyprus in April 08 & I've got a big, full skirted dress (not the one on my pic, wouldn't want to give anything away incase H2B got onto this site!!!)

    But anyway, I've always wanted a big dress so the location wasn't going to make me change my mind.

    However, I did get a bit worried when trying them on cos some are very heavy.

    But its true what toonbride2b says - wearing a hoop underneath really does help to keep the fabric away from your legs & keep you cooler image

    Have fun shopping! image

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