Wedding Planners in Cyprus


Thinking of getting married in Pathos in October 2009. Have you got any good advise and recommendations when getting involved with wedding planners? or even any good planners to get in touch with?

It's all a new to me, so any hints and tips would be very welcome!

Thanks in advance,

Donna99 :\)


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    Hi Donna,

    Congratulations on your forthcoming wedding!

    I would recommend you use an independent company rather than a large tour operator, you will get much better service and if you do have any queries (which is only natural) they are more likely to answer you than the tour companies!

    I have heard some fantastic reviews for I-do weddings and the contact there is Igor (please ladies correct me if I'm wrong!). I also know of a excellent coordinator called Ruth Walton (Ex Libra coordinator) she now has her own company called Paphos Prestige Weddings - her contact details are: [email protected]

    Wishing you the very best

    Kerry x

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    Hi Donna

    I am also marrying in Paphos but oct 08!

    I have booked all mine with a wedding co-ordinator, and on my own. By doing this i feel much closer and in control of the plans,

    With a lot of tour operators they will give you your date but not your time to marry and they seem to work out dearer.

    There are lots of people on here that will be able to help you and guide you, and who have or are going through the same experience. me being one. I started planning my wedding this time last year so don't feel like you thinking to far ahead it means you have the pick of dates times and locations.
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    Knowing what I know now I would have gone through a wedding coordinator who is based in cyprus. I paid £200 to Thomas Cook and that doesnt include anything apart from their admin fees. Dealing with a large tour company is a nightmare. You cant sort anything out until you get in resort and they only tell you the date you are getting married. Saying that, I managed to get an email address for the coordinater for Thomas Cook who very kindly told me what time im getting married. I have booked my transport for the day with a wedding coordinator from cyprus and im very happy with that(much cheaper than thomas cook), she is on the other side of the island to you though.
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    Sally Laverick The Wedding Company P.O.Box 61504 2 Dedalos Street

    8134, Paphos Cyprus

    Tel: 00 357 26 818400/401

    Fax: 00 357 26 931993

    Mob: 00 357 99 276436

    Linda Fletcher Locke Paphos Total Wedding

    00357 26953121

    00357 99562387

    [email protected]

    Ruth Walton Paphos Prestige Weddings

    [email protected]

    00357 99389073

    Igor www.IDo,com


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    Hi ladies,

    thanks for your advice, it is very helpful, i am going to email some of the planners you have recommeded and get some prices.

    I will be back on the board asknig for more advice soon, this wedding planning is hard work but exciting stuff : )

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    Hi donna,

    Congratilations on your forthcomming wedding.

    We are getting married in paphos in septenber 2008, and have booked ceremony, reception, hair, flowers etc with Igor from i do weddings, (, and he has been fantastic.

    Good luck with all your planning, its so exciting even though our wedding date seems like a lifetime away.

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