flying out on sunday

sorry havent been able to get on for a time as i have been busy and the computer is poorly, realy missed it! Just popped on to say i fly out to nissi bay in the early hours of sunday morning to get ready for the big day next thursday at 2 oclock, so send me positive thoughts please as both need lots of it! up until late last nite h2b had been too ill to go! Lets hope he starts to feel better or i'll be marrying a cypriot instead! Stressful but i am positive al is going to be fine:\?

So the next time i log on it should be as a MRS!!! thanks to you all for the great chats, laughs tears annd stories that have been keeping me glued to the computer for a year! (Maybe i should marry the laptop!) Looking forard to sharing my photos to all the brides to be out there. and trust me the last fortnight has gone past in a blur!!!!! Thanks and good Luck to all the fello yay brides,

Clair x x x ( a bit sad no) :\(


  • WeddingfanWeddingfan Posts: 432
    Ahh - hope hubby 2b is feeling better - the Cyprus sun will help.

    Good luck to you.

    Glyn x.
  • EmmaWukEmmaWuk Posts: 241
    We fly out on Sunday too, but to Paphos. Wedding week Tuesday.

    All the best, enjoy every moment and I hope h2b is better soon. The sun will do him good!

    take care.

  • kathysukkathysuk Posts: 518
    Best wishes to you Clair and Emma. Your wedding day will be a special one I'm sure. Judging by today's weather aren't you both gald to be getting married abroad?!!!

    Good luck

    Kathy x
  • Pammie6871Pammie6871 Posts: 47
    You must be sooooooooo excited. I fly out next sunday to Ayia Napa, getting married 3rd August ayia napa town hall at 11.30am. Its not far from you, you can pop over to see me get married!! Good luck to you both. Its sunny and hot over there so your wedding day will be lovely and sunny. Im having palpitations just thinking about it xx
  • Pammie6871Pammie6871 Posts: 47
    ps, meant to say i'll be the one with the big massive dress with a red faceimage
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